New Prince Caspian Poster

We have a slew of posters today! We get the new Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian poster thanks to our friends at moviesonline:

Poster Narnia-Prince

Of all the posters that I have thrown up today, this is my least favorite. I am not a fan of photoshop posters where you have a lot of floating heads. It is like I stumbled into a cannibal camp and they have a pole with heads hanging from strings (only less cool… and the faces in this poster have sunnier dispositions).

I though the first Chroncles Of Narnia film was alright, and will certainly check out the second installment.

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16 thoughts on “New Prince Caspian Poster

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  2. LOL…..let’s not forget that the series is based on the celebrated Christian allegory by C.S. Lewis kids….the poster looks fine by the way. I too am eager for the 2nd in the series.
    Maybe “Out of the Silent Planet is being considered somewhere down the road….one can hope!

  3. …the poster looks cool. I’m somewhat excited for the film. The first one was a breath of fresh air. Not sure if the 2nd will deliver something new to the war in Narnia.

    Kristina, I think the Prince is looking into yours and only your eyes…

  4. I like this poster i think the poster has good a feel to this movie and i think they are going to go someware with this movie.

  5. While I think Doug’s comments are WAY OFF on this–it’s not that bad–there *is* something I notice which bugs the crap out of me. The water near the bottom of the poster all but blends into the type where it is a strain to read.

    Also? It would have been just fine with Caspian and the Lion.

  6. I like it. Prince Caspian looks the coolest, but it kinda reminds me of one of those LotR posters they had a lot of “floating heads” but I thought they looked cool.

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