New ‘Possession’ Poster! was able to get their hands on the one sheet poster for the bound to suck Japanese horror remake, ‘Possession’ starring…you guessed it, Sarah Michelle Gellar. The film is about a woman’s husband and brother in law who get in a freak car accident. The brother in law wakes up thinking he’s his brother. Does this sound interesting to you? Pfft.

Here’s the poster:

I wish someone would tell Sarah Michelle Gellar that she is capable of doing other things besides mediocre Japanese horror remakes. She was great in ‘Cruel Intentions’ and ‘Harvard Man,’ but it’s movie choices like these that make me wonder why she quit Buffy in the first place.

The poster doesn’t even remotely interest me either. Although,I’m actually surprised there isn’t a close up of an eye in this one. What are your thoughts on this poster and movie? Do you think Sarah Michelle Gellar needs to make better film choices for her filmography?

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