New James Bond Film Titled Quantum Of Solace

Bond-James-Gun-3700526We have the name for the upcoming James Bond picture and it’s certainly different. The film will be called Quantum Of Solace! We get the scoop today from the caves of Yahoo:

“Quantum of Solace” is the title of the new James Bond film, the 22nd Bond adventure. The title was revealed to reporters Thursday at Pinewood Studios outside of London, where the movie is being filmed. Producer Michael G. Wilson said the title, chosen only a few days ago, was taken from a story by Bond creator Ian Fleming that appears in the collection “For Your Eyes Only.” “We thought it was an intriguing title and referenced what happened to Bond and what is happening in the film,” he said.

Daniel Craig is returning as Agent 007. He picks up where 2006’s “Casino Royale” left off, with Bond contemplating revenge after his betrayal by his true love, Vesper Lynd.
“It is not a revenge movie,” said co-producer Barbara Broccoli. “It’s a lot more complicated than that. It has lots of action but it also deals with the inner turmoil Bond is feeling.”

It is cool that they are using a title from an Ian Fleming story, but it is a bit off putting. Quantum Of Solice sound like the title of a film about a lonely wizard that lives on a murky hill in a ramshackle tower. The wizard spends all his days studying magic and eating roots; late in life the wizard realizes that he has devoted his entire life to the study of magic and has never seen it in action. Bent from a life of solitude and root eating he goes to the nearest town and unleashes a level 10 fireball upon them. He delights in his abilities so much that he goes to the caves of Aratal Muhollak (the green dragon) and challenges him to a duel. The dragon then swiftly kills the senile cocksure wizard.

Quantum Of Solace is just a crazy name, and I can appreciate it for that fact alone. I will be muttering it to myself all day long. I think the working title of 22 was a better fit to be honest. Looking around the net this morning the general consensus seems to be “huh”. I think we can all agree that no one saw this name coming from a mile away.

I hope Quantum Of Solace doesn’t spend too much time mulling over the events of the previous film. One of the reasons I like Bond films is because they are standalone celebrations of a beloved character. He kills the bad dude, gets a new girlfriend and we roll the credits. I thought Casino Royale was outstanding and appreciated a fresh, gritty take on the character, but I hope the episodic nature of the films remain.

May you be blessed today with the Quantum Of Solace.

Here is a fun game – write a short synopsis about a film that fits the title Quantum Of Solace (as I have done above with the wizard blurb).

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26 thoughts on “New James Bond Film Titled Quantum Of Solace

  1. I think the name quantum of solace is pretty stupid. it should be cool sounding like all of the other films. and not trying to be rude but were is pierce brosnon this new bond sucks……………………………………………….

  2. I can’t believe this. Have any of you read Ian Fleming’s Bond novels, or in this case, Bond short stories? “Quantum Of Solace” was the title of a short story originally published in 1959. The title refers to “a mathematical measure of love”. Bond wasn’t the star of this story, only a bystander, as the old governor of the Caribbean island Bond has been sent to on assignment tells the story of a man named Masters, and his marital problems. When it was re-published in the late 60’s, most of us were disappointed, since it didn’t contain nearly the amount of “sex, sadism, and snobbery” we’d come to expect(whoopee, one mention per book of the point of a breast being “hard with desire”. Pretty torrid stuff, enough that a Bible thumper who visited my parents recommended that they confiscate my Bond collection.

  3. I agree with Carol. People type before they think. However, my rendition of the title is that Bond’s solace this time comes from the lab of Q, short for Quentin or Quantum (what was his mother thinking?). This means that Q – and Q alone – will provide the machinery, ammo and turbocharged weaponry to save the sensitive and poetic Daniel Craig from villainous thugs and thuggish supercrooks, and the world for that matter. Also, somebody will put out to him. Q is the key. M stands for Mrs or Ms.

  4. Don’t people actually think anymore before saying something? “Quantum of Solace” is not hard to decipher. “Quantum” is of miniscule quantity. “Solace” is comfort. Quantum of Solace simply means “a little bit of comfort”, which is what Bond would want after the death of Vesper.

  5. It is cool that they are using a title from an Ian Fleming story, but it is a bit off putting. Quantum Of Solice sound like the title of a film about a lonely wizard that lives on a murky hill in a ramshackle tower.

    I never realized how ignorant people have become over the years.

  6. Blech! What a cheap ass title. Sounds like a new-age science book where some guy has read all the books on quantum physics and quantum mechanics and wants to write about a unified theory. Bond is not a scientist, nor does he need to be, and the title does not suggest anything “Bond-like”. There are no balls in the title.

  7. No, wait-! The theme song is sung by Amy Winehouse, just after she exits rehab!


    While it is possible that part of the short story may be used for the film; wouldn’t the better title be “Risico” or “The Property of a Lady”?

  8. No, wait! The theme song is sung by Kenny Rogers. It’s about a filthy rich villain living in the Southeast US, depressed after the failure of many plastic surgery operations, leading a quantum solitary life, etc., etc., etc, decides to get revenge against Sheena Easton for something, thereby involving the British Secret Service… I don’t know, it’s a stupid title.

  9. Bond films have always had epic theme songs, “For Your Eyes Only” by Sheena Easton, for example. No, scratch that. “Quantum of Solace” sounds like it would be a great song for Pink Floyd to reunite to. After leaving the dark side of the moon, and putting Money behind them, and becoming less Numb, they seek the “Quantum of Solace”. Brilliant!

  10. the title is even worse than indiana’s, but then who gives a shit once it begins!

    Also “The title was revealed to reporters Thursday at Pinewood Studios outside of London,”. It’s in SLOUGH!! just say it.. shit-hole of the universe!!! :D To quote a famous poet:

    “Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough
    It isn’t fit for humans now
    There isn’t grass to graze a cow
    Swarm over, death!”

  11. The only thing I didn’t like – the logo/picture they showed at the unveiling looked wayyyyy too similar to Casino Royale for my tastes…they should’ve changed it up.

  12. I think everyone is gonna go see this movie just to find out what the title is referencing in the movie. I think it’s a pretty good move on the studio’s part – I know MY interest has shot up since hearing the news.

  13. Quantum Solace, the sequel to the 1994 romatic comedy I.Q. The story takes place after Catherine (Meg Ryan) and Ed (Tim Robbins) break up due to intellectual differences. We continue following Catherine in her mathematical studies while she deals with break up in a tale that will make you laugh and cry.

  14. Solace is a chirpy high school student from Iowa. He likes a bit of ping pong and some gymnastics. When his beloved limited edition first series DVD of Quantum Leap is stolen from his house late at night he must find it before it is sold on. It is the Quantum of Solace. Also guest starring Mel Gibson as Solace’s drunken father.

    This title sounds pretty weird to me but the film should be good if they stick the principles of Casino Royale. If they start changing everything then it could be a mess.

  15. I didn’t realize it was an actual title from an Ian Flemming story. My first reaction was that Stephen Hawking will be the main villain. I don’t care about the titles of the Bond films, just look at Octopussy.

  16. “Sounds like another song in which the theme tune wont use the film name.”

    My thoughts exactly, Gordon. After all, you know how much of a bitch it is to rhyme with ‘Quantum’, let alone ‘Solace’ …

  17. Now that’s a challenge Mr Nagy.

    I would make a film that’s like ‘Shawshank Redemption’ but set on the Klingon penal planet of Rura Pente. The main character endures a living hell but allies himself with another convict who builds a time machine. Then, the main character goes back in time to the year 2008 and inspired by his epic prison journey, he sets up a hugely successful Corporate cosulting firm ( He will always have the cigar burns of the guards on his tender skin but if he hadn’t gone to Rura Pente, he’d never have this….little bit of happiness. The end…….

    …..oh, and the big bully of the prison is a guy called Solace and he has an incredibly tiny penis.

    Moving on, i’m a huge Bond fan (now more than ever) and this has given me a big shot in the arm after yesterday’s tragic news. I know the title is going to be meaningful and it is preferrable to any title from the Brosnan era. I know some would prefer ‘Bond kills shit’ but Craig still has a few more films to go so just be patient. Perhaps my international friends would like to see some clips from what they’ve shot so far:

    I can see the film in my head, slightly now and i’m so pumped about it. I have a checklist in my head of certain things i’ve missed from the newer Bond movies and i just want this one to deliver them. Here’s hoping.

  18. When a time travel experiment goes wrong, scientist Sam Beckett is transported in to the Xavier Rudd album Solice. With the help of project advisor AI, he must listen to the whole damn thing in one sitting.

    Sounds like another song in which the theme tune wont use the film name.

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