New ‘Doomsday’ Poster!

Yes, I know we have seen plenty of one sheets for Neil Marshall’s upcoming and highly anticipated (at least in my crowd) film ‘Doomsday.’ However, these posters are so cool, I just have to post the latest one sheet. got their hands on the exclusive first look at this poster:

So does this poster make you more excited to see ‘Doomsday?’

The film hits screen March 14, 2008. See you there!

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6 thoughts on “New ‘Doomsday’ Poster!

  1. That was probably the stupidest post apocaliptic movie i have ever seen. It was like Escape from New York, but a crappy, under developed storyline (not like Escape from New York was a masterpiece,). When i saw an old escort, with a bad body kit ramming a brand spanking new bugatti, because it was faster……………….PLEASE!!!!!!!!!. If they can find a place for a brand new car for product placement, at least they could have invested on something that was a bit more realistic. The gore was well made, and the main actress is incredibly hot, ill give them that. DONT WATCH IT. I wish i could take back the 2 boring hours of this film.

  2. This fuckin movie looks like some kind Mad Max rip-off! I just read some of the comments because I KNEW somebody HAD to notice that shit besides me. Forget all the other movies that have done stuff like this before, this fuckin movie looks JUST like Mad Max 3!

  3. This an exellent poster. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it at Allposters.
    As for the film itself, I’m interested partialy due to Rhona Mitra, but mostly due to helmer Neil Marshall of Descent and Dog Sodliers fame.

  4. I don’t know if it excites me. I’ve seen it done a bunch of times already: Madmax series, Waterworld, Escape from New York (x2). I could probably produce more titles if I gave it a bit more thought. It’s probably just me but I’m not digging the concept just yet. Having said that, this movie will definitely get my $8.00 because I’m a movie junkie. I hope it surprises me.

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