Mark Wahlberg Cast As Jon Roberts In Untitled Drug Smuggling Film

Mark.WahlbergMark Wahlberg is going to dance with the white lady anew in an upcoming film based on the life and times of Peter Berg. We get the scoop today from the professionals at Variety:

Paramount has set Mark Wahlberg to star in and Peter Berg to direct an untitled film based on the life of international drug dealer Jon Roberts, whose rise and fall was chronicled in the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys.”

After returning from Vietnam as a decorated soldier, Roberts headed to Miami in the late ’70s and formed a relationship with the Medellin drug cartel, distributing cocaine worth billions of dollars. Wahlberg will play Roberts, who was turned in by a cohort and served a decade in jail for his crimes.

I can appreciate a good drug-lord film every now and again. I like to see people working hard, providing party people with the accessories that they need to” get down” and live like Keith Richards. Then the bad men come and ruin everyones fun, they are called police, and they can certainly be a buzz kill.

The life of the drug lord is high octane, when you can be thrown in the slammer at any moment – you milk every ounce of life out of the time that you have. This makes for great movie scenes with outlandish parties of extreme decadence. Sluts are wrestling giraffes, a pony is wearing a zorro outfit and a bearded elderly man is peeing on a potted jade plant.

I have yet to see the doc Cocaine Cowboys but may try to hunt it down before this film is released. This project will begin with the end of the writer’s strike; so no word on when we can expect it to be released, but we will be sure to keep you posted.