Mark Hamill Chimes in on Ledger’s Joker

Mark Hamill disappeared from the world of film after Star Wars and most people didn’t even realize just how mufh of a presesnce he had in voice acting, the most notable however is the Joker in the Batman Animated series.

Naturally when someone else plays a notable role you are famous for, the media finds a way to get a sound bite out of their opinion on it. SoMTV Movies Blog got a quote from Hamill about Heath Ledger

“For all those fans that dreamed of an adult approach to the material, ‘Batman Begins’ got nearly everything right,” Mark Hamill wrote to MTV News upon first seeing the trailer for Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.” “I have no doubt this one will be just as good or better.”

One of the things I love about Heath Ledger as the Joker is how in a brief moment he got us all really excited about seeing his portrayal. With all the negative publicity buzz when he was announced as the Joker he really needed to show us SOMETHING.

Now I know John says it is premature to get excited about Ledger’s Joker, but even Mark Hamill is pumped about it. I don’t care. I think he looks awesome so far. I will eat my words if this is the only part Ledger does well, but I won’t stop hoping that we have just seen the tip of the iceberg.

I’m with Hamill.

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