25 thoughts on “MACHETE POSTER!

  1. Danny Trejo kicks ass, this poster says it all. I’am sure everyones’ gonna be surprised when they see a good ol’ mexican Machete kick ass in thetres.

  2. Would love to see this movie finished. But have a feeling the best we’ll get is all the existing footage cobbled together into a mini movie on some future Grindhouse dvd set. But would be great if Grindhouse could live on with more double features.

  3. Actually this film is in production right now for a theatrical realese. 1. Rodriguez has already stated the 40-50 minutes of the film has already been shot. 2. Sin City 2 has been delayed 3. Barbarella is in the baby stages of pre production. The newly pussy wiped Rodruiguez has insisted Rose Mcgowen play the lead and the studio is saying no. Last I heard the funing for this film is on hold. With all that said I expect to see this film in theaters(limited release) buy the end off the year.

  4. The poster looks A-rated, but the ‘movie traler’ looks b-rated and IMO ummm, dull and uninteresting. Sorry, don’t stone me or anything…

  5. Don’t think this movie is getting made. There hasn’t been any news on it since Grindhouse came out. Rodriguez has now moved onto other projects like Barbarella. I predict this poster is the last we’ll see of Machete… unfortunately.

  6. YES! More testosterone movies! Women will leave the theater converted into men because their is so much testosterone from these films.

    Of course the real question is: will this be alone or will it be a double a feature?

  7. Um…sorry to rain on your parade, but this poster has been around since Grindhouse came out last year. It’s for sale at any Hot Topic store and is even in the Grindhouse making of book that came out along side the movie.

  8. Hey that is one macho poster! I want it in my bathroom so when I get out of the shower cause I want to be like a real man like Machete!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My favorite part of the poster is the RIP productions cause he will tear some shit up in this movie…. cant wait!!!

  9. FUCK YEA!! i had no idea they were actually makin this into a movie…..u know what would be cool….even more fake trailers at the beginning of this one….this flick is gonna be non-stop insane fun……like all action movies should be….

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