Liev Schreiber Is Sabertooth In Wolverine

Many others on the web are scratching their heads about this… BUT I’M FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT!!!! Liev Schreiber, who was previously reported as playing the young Striker (the bad guy in X-Men 2 played by Brian Cox) in the upcoming Wolverine movie, is actually on board to play Victor Creed… AKA… SABERTOOTH!

The guys with the scoop over at CHUD had this to say

This is the real deal, received from multiple sources, none of whom have ever led me astray. On the one hand I do have to say that Liev is not terribly Cox-ian (Brian Cox originated the role), so I was always skeptical on him as Stryker, but on the other hand Creed has never been one of the more electrifying characters in comics. Beyond his ability to have fights with Wolverine wherein they would disembowel each other on the regular, that is (due to Creed also having a healing factor). But when you have a real director on the movie like Gavin Hood, and he casts a real actor like Liev Schreiber in the role… well, how can you not be at least intrigued?

I think Schreiber just RULES. He’s got such a sense of power to him when he’s on the screen. I also think Sabertooth is a vastly underrated character who is mistakenly just often seen as a brainless grunt (like the portrayed him in the first X-Men), when in actuality he’s a very multi-leveled character, and I think casting a guy like Scheiber in the roll will bring out those other dimensions and create a GREAT counterpoint to Jackman’s Wolverine.

So yeah, personally I couldn’t be happier about this news. Your thoughts?

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42 thoughts on “Liev Schreiber Is Sabertooth In Wolverine

  1. Um…actually, Frank. Schreiber is taller than Jackman. Jackman’s a little over 6’2″ but Schreiber’s 6’3″. Okay I’m done chiming in now.

  2. he just looks too wimpy. With a saggy gut and arms like my sisters, no amount of acting talent can sell me on sabretooth if he don’t look menacing. This is a guy who is suposed to tower over wolverine and use brute strength to dominate his victims. When wolverine is bigger, more muscular and more menacing looking than Sabretooth….we got a problem here people.

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  4. For someone to play opposite Jackman’s Wolverine there has to be a serious degree of cold, psychopathic nature. Schreiber has show us he can do it, i’m sure even in a giant hairy suit he’ll still be solid. I’m looking forward to it

  5. its not a matter of whther or not sabretooth needs charisma…i was more getting at the fact that johns sees a sense of power when i personally think you would be hard pressed to find a more boring and wooden actor…..

    anyway totally off subject but i just saw into the wild finally and its fucking amazing. best film of 2007 hands down. better than zodisc, no country, there will be blood, juno, atonement fucking everything…

    sure penn romantacizes the guy a bit…well a lot but the film is just so beautiful. and i am not a pearl jam fan but eddie vedders soundtrack is incredible and i dearly hope he wins an oscar to go with his globe today because the song guaranteed is just perfect.

    anyway….i fucking loved it.

  6. Actually, Schreiber is 6’3″. Same height as Hugh Jackman. They were in ‘Kate and Leopold’ together and I’ve seen pics of them together backstage at ‘Boy From Oz’. Also, Hugh Jackman hosted the Tony’s the year Liev Schreiber won for ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’. In a more interesting note – Michael C Hall and Liev Schreiber appeared together in the New York Public Theater’s productions of ‘Cymberline’ and ‘MacBeth’ (not the one where Schreiber played MacBeth. The one where Alec Baldwin played MacBeth and Schreiber was Banquo).

  7. @alfie
    sabertooth doesnt need charisma!
    “he is lacking in charisma to a point that when he appears on screen there is just a blakc man shaped blur on the film……”

    if it was jean grey maybe ud have an argument


  8. lets, at least, hope they don’t give him long hair like in x-1. I mean there goes your gradability, sabertooth isnt a furry furby… its a monster, one that chews you up, spits you out to chew you up again. not one thats running around screaming, mwaaa!!! like chewbacca.

    thats my fear…

  9. sense of power to him???!!!???

    he is one of the blandest actors in the world!

    he is lacking in charisma to a point that when he appears on screen there is just a blakc man shaped blur on the film……

  10. Michael C. Hall for Stryker?!? Wow! That is awesome new! I’m only 3 episodes into Dexter but he is frakkin’ brilliant in it.

    Surprised at the positive response to Liev being cast. But surprised in a pleasant way.

  11. Yeeles,
    Word is Michael C. Hall is up for the role of Stryker. Which is not a bad choice. He was great in Six Feet Under, and is fucking awesome currently in Dexter.

  12. i can take liberty on the size and even on the looks on sabertooths apearence,no problem at all!
    Liev is indeed a undercasted actor in holywood,but really, i dont remenber hin playing a raging,dirty scumbag,backstabing,savage motherfaster like Creed in any movie before!
    he will have to put a lot of muscle to get unless even with Jackmans bodysize. on that,i believe its a must to make the RIVALTY between then believeble.
    the rest its just good direction and good acting shops!
    i know is offtopic ,but what get me a little worry is the choice of Gavin Hood to the direction, I NOW ITS A TALLENTED DUDE!,but he can poot on wolverine the same weight Ang Lee put on HULK turning straight action into a weightened psicologicaldramatic movie kind of thing!
    no problem for my since i liked hulk,but i dont think is that what people are expecting for a WOLVIE FLICK.

  13. Wow, now that I didn’t see coming at all.

    I’ve got nothing againt Schreiber at all, but isn’t Sabretooth a huge, insanely build, ferocious and animal-like looking monster?
    And isn’t Liev Schreiber errmhh….well….none of that? I’ll wait till I see him dressed up.
    Still, it’s great that they are going with a real actor instead of that wrestler dude from the first X-MEN. He was beyond awful.

  14. I think Big Sam refers to the 1998 film “Phantoms”, based off the Dean Koontz novel. It also had Peter O’Toole and Rose McGowan in it…

    In any case…Liev as Creed…never saw it coming. It may have been a situation where he was looking at Stryker, only to read the script and see another dimension of Creed/Sabretooth.

    The height…is not an issue. One solution is trick photography and makeup. Another is storywise.. and comics based as there was supposedly a few times when Creed’s strength and feral scenes were enhanced. Note he might not even be called Sabretooth, just “Victor Creed”.

    So..Stryker is up for grabs. Will it be Brian Cox? (I’m still hoping it will be, either under makeup and if Cox looks like he did when he was in RedEye, that will suffice. …or perhaps that ‘de-aging’ thing they had in the previous X film.)

  15. wow great choice and i think that the one they used in the 1st x-men wasnt THAT bad but i think this guy will be better
    and i think FRANK is right- sabertooth has always been lik 2 feet taller then wolvereene in the comic books so they gotta do something about that…but that wont be a biggie tho they can do something about it i guess

  16. sabertooth series was better then weapon x series… the comic book sabertooth is basically a merc….he uses guns and shit….very cool seriers….i think it came out around 95 or so….check it out….p.s. the only thing wolvy hav going for him is his regen factor =)

    and i remember him in that movies with ben afleck about the supreme power sludge…lol he was crazy….like a deranged pedophile or something lol…good choice…creed is nuts

  17. I think is this a fantastic casting choice. Liev is a completely under rated/under used actor, but I have loved him ever since Scream.

  18. yes yes yes!! I have to say,this is a great choice!Schieber definately has the perfect look for Sabertooth.Definately a good move,and if this is any indication of how the cast will be,this film is gonna do real well on the big screen.

  19. Liev Schreiber is an amazing, amazing actor. He doesn’t always take the best film roles on (Omen 666 anyone?). but I’ve seen him on stage in Macbeth and Glengarry Glen Ross and he was outstanding, particularly in the latter. As you often say, John, you can’t go wrong when casting talent. Hopefully this will be kind of a breakout film role for him.

  20. I think it’s a pretty good choice and it certainly sends the message out that this will be a different Sabertooth to the one we got in the first X-Men movie. It’s starting to get me interested in the film, which, until now, i couldn’t care less about.

    I still wish they would have cast Gerard Butler though. I would have wet myself.

  21. Jackman is like 6’3″ and Schreiber is only about 6’1″ so they’ll have to work some high-heel magic or something, but you can’t go wrong casting him. The guy is gold. I’m still waiting for them to do a spinoff of his Tom Clancy character “Mr. Clark”. Now that’s an interesting, multi-layered guy!

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