Jeffrey Wright Reprises His Role in ‘Bond 22’

hspace=I bet there are many Bond fans out there excited that today is officially the first day of the shooting for the next highly anticipated sequel in the Bond franchise. Also, it has been recently announced that Jeffrey Wright will also return to reprise his role as CIA agent Felix Leiter from ‘Casino Royale.’ gives us these details:

Jeffrey Wright, who played CIA agent Felix Leiter opposite Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, will reprise the role in Bond 22. Shooting begins today (January 3) at Pinewood Studios in London. Directed by Marc Forster, the 007 pic also stars Mathieu Amalric, Giancarlo Giannini and Anatole Taubmann.

I have to admit, I have yet to see ‘Casino Royale.’ Every time I try to catch it on TV, I’m completely lost, but I intend to watch it soon because my brother won’t stop nagging me if I don’t.  Although I must say you can’t go wrong casting Jeffrey Wright in a film.  The first time I had seen this actor was when he stole every scene from Samuel L.Jackson and Christian Bale in ‘Shaft,’ where he played the streetwise thug, “Peeples.”

He is definitely an actor that I’m glad Hollywood is taking more notice of.  So what are your thoughts, Bond fanatics?  Are you excited about the new film? Discuss!

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15 thoughts on “Jeffrey Wright Reprises His Role in ‘Bond 22’

  1. Jeffrey Wright is good. Nothing to add EXCEPT:

    What the hell Serena, you haven’t seen CASINO ROYALE?
    Honestly, that’s kinda unacceptable I think.
    You write for a movie site and while that doesn’t demand of you to watch every movie out there, something of the importance and caliber of a new Bond film (with a new lead and a reboot of the series on top of that) has to be watched by the staff of a movie site.
    So go and watch it ASAP.

  2. Jeffrey Wright is a very good actor……he played in Martin Luther King in an HBO movie and he did amazin…..its good to see him again on the big so and i Casino Royale was prolly the best Bond Ive seen in a minute…..hope this one will follow suit

  3. Jeffrey Wright is awesome in Shaft, probably the only reason i would watch it again. I dont even remember him in CR, but i only watched it once, and all i really remember is the ball busting scene near the end, that was awful…..but still good news, glad he is in it…..

  4. hes a solid actor, he was solid in Syriana as well as his small role in the last bond movie. Good to see they are keeping him around.

  5. Im glad they’ve finally got this film underway;but as for Jeffrey Wright,I really dont see what the big deal is.He played a very minimal role in Casino Royale.Besides Wright isnt the push behind this franchise.Daniel Craig is.After seeing Craig perform the way he did in Royale,cant wait to see him in Bond22

  6. Besides The Dark Knight, this is a film i’m looking forward, and it’ll be nice to see jeffery back on Bond 22. BTW do you people know the name of the film? i’ve heard it will be called 007, but not so sure.

  7. Im no too familiar with him oher han what we got in asino Royale. He was fine in it, and if they give him an expanded role, great.

  8. I’m with you, since I first saw this Actor in Shaft I’ve loved him.
    Seen him perform so many different roles now, hes very versitile and vry good, I’m glad hes getting good work!

    Wouldnt class myself as a bond fan, although I have seen them all, looking forward to the next one more than any other though and will definately see at the flicks.

  9. Good news indeed, they never used the same actor twice for this role in the old days, except once, so you couldnt get familiar with the character. He was in Casino Royale quite briefly so it will be good to see him develop into Bonds friend and ally.

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