14 thoughts on “International Iron Man Trailer

  1. Harry does love everything, and even when he hates something, he sill tries to spin that shit to make it look good. Can’t rely on reviews from a guy who accepts all the freebies, trips to special premieres and shit the studios throw at him in exchange for a positive geek review.

    And I get the feeling that Gwinnie will be the weak link in this movie. I duno. Maybe I just have a prejudice against redheads in comic-book movies.

  2. i think cloverfield will be like lost.. too many flashbacks and generally going on too long. That said, it might be ok.. but “dirty” harry isn’t someone whose going to choose my films for me to watch (unlike TMB generally does)

  3. Tottaly dig the look of the movie, i think it will turn out very nice. Happy to see Gwyn back, dont remeber when I last saw her on the big screen.

  4. I liked the first trailer better of Iron Man, it seemed to flow better than this one. Other than the end, that was funny.

  5. Hey Alex,

    Some studios will often let Harry see a pic early because he’ll give them exactly what they want, a huge fanboy review. I remember when they let him see Revenge of the Sith privately and he called it one of the best films ever.

    I don’t know that Harry is in anyone’s pocket, and I’m certainly not suggesting he is. I don’t know harry, never met him. But I think (like all of us, no exceptions) he’s prone to letting his enthusiasm and hyperbole get the better of him in times like this.

    That being said… I hope he’s right.

  6. i thought some one on this blog said their wouldnt be any critic screening before release? any ways this will probably be a really good movie at least i hope it will be. and that guys review is sooooo over exagerated, it leaves u thinking the film is like a sequel to citizen kane or something. unless the monster is citizen kane.

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