I Love Asylum

You may not recognize the name of this little studio “Asylum“, but the folks over there are quickly becoming my heroes… even though I’ve never actually seen one of their movies yet. These are the guys who make the blatant rip off movies at the same time the REAL ones are coming out in theaters… and so on the surface you’d think I’d hate them for that… but I DON’T! I think what they do is hilarious. I swear this is the truth… I want to host an Asylum viewing party at my place… get about 10 friends together and watch like 4 of their movies in a row. I think that would RULE!

Here is a bit of a run down:

Yes, that’s right folks. A huge rip of of Aliens vs Predator. Only I’m probably willing to bet this one might be better than the original.

MONSTER (Cloverfield)
They pretty much show you as much as the real movie does so far

TRANSMORPHERS (Transformers)
Just the name alone sounds hilarious

I AM OMEGA (I Am Legend)
Is it Omega Man? Is it I Am Legend?

Probably about as good as the original

INVASION OF THE POD PEOPLE (Invasion of the Body Snatchers)
Such a cleaver title!

Wow… they’ve even got Lance Henriksen in it

This was the first time I had heard about Asylum

I admire these guys for what they’re doing. The films are clearly very low budget, and they look hilarious. For all of you who are now looking down your noses at me for saying that… admit it… you’re at least CURIOUS to see one of these aren’t you?

So here’s a thought… what would you guys think if we did another Films For Food Fest… but just did it with all Asylum movies? That would rule!

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21 thoughts on “I Love Asylum

  1. You won’t like Asylum if you watch a bunch of their movies in a row (or even just one). I know it seems like a good idea. But it’s not.

  2. Although I’m not sure when the movie came out, I am pretty sure that the one titled “Monster” is actually a ripoff of a movie called “The Host” that came out 2 years ago I think, rather than mocking Cloverfield, the cover is even VERY similar to the cover of The Host which can be found here: http://chud.com/nextraimages/host_ver6.jpg


  3. This would make an awesome Films For Food.
    I bet if you look hard enough you could probably find the director of one of these pieces of art.

  4. I have seen the “War Of The Worlds” one, but it actually can’t be called a ‘ripoff’ due to being more or less adapted from HG Wells. C Thomas Howell is alright…but the back end budget was pure processed cheese.

    However….while Asylum is getting known for these titles, a few things.

    1) Roger Corman did stuff like this in the New World/Concorde heyday.

    2) Someone has to do the dirty deed. But every now and then, they do try not to rip off current films. “Freakshow” comes to mind. As does Evil Eyes.

  5. I’d atcually watch Transmorphers, apart from the low budget special effects and obviously terrible script the trailer wasnt half bad!! :)

    Instead of snakes on a train though I think I’ll wait for Goats on a boat!

  6. John how can you encourage this.WOW I dont even think I have words for how terrible these films look.Why dont you get exited about some other quality film,mabe,instead of this worthless junk.

  7. Invasion of the Pod People was atrocious. Not even a “so bad it’s good” rating. It is nearly unwatchable. Some good girl on girl action though.

  8. I’ve seen Transmorphers! It’s totally horrible… as it should be! Asylum Entertainment is always guaranteed for a horrible knock-off worth a good laugh.

    The best part about Transmorphers besides the absolutely horrid special effects is the random lesbian kiss followed by the worst transition edit in film history. It’s worth watching just for that bad edit, and the first grade screenwriting.

  9. at the end of the transmorphers trailer, the dude is probably thinking: “that’s the worst CGI i’ve ever seen!” i know i was.

    the monster trailer is hilarious!

  10. Well they can’t be much worse than some of the films they’re ripping off. Maybe this is Lance Henriksen’s cheeky way of saying ‘screw you’ to all the studios since none have hired him for any blockbusters (and they should). In fact, Jim Cameron didn’t even ask him to be in ‘Avatar’.

    Poor Bishop!

  11. I saw I Am Omega (because of Mark Dacascos), and you might think it’s going to be pretty bad, but for a low budget film, it really wasn’t. Some parts about it were really great, and better than I Am Legend (no scenes where the main character was talking to maniquinss). I wouldn’t advice watching it if your not a Mark Dacascos fan, because your ultimately going to think the larger budget film was better. Still, I don’t feel bad in saying that I have I Am Omega on my DVD shelf right now.

  12. alright it worked. Hilariously bad (could be a good thing?). Looks like a cross between I Am Legend and The Hills Have Eyes.
    So do they try to ride on the coattails of big blockbuster movies without any real knowledge of what the REAL movie is about. Because that Transmorphers trailer looks nothing like Transformers…it looked more like Terminator.

  13. The coverbox for “I am Omega” actually looks pretty kewl. Could mislead a person to actually watch it. If the trailer is below it, tho, it ain’t working for me :(

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