Cloverfield Party in New York!

The folks over at Paramount are throwing a party. Would you like to go?

Join us next Thursday night, January 17th for a send off for our buddy Rob, he’s moving to Japan! There will be drinks, dancing, and tons of cool people to hang out with. Surely a party to remember!

We’re randomly picking 200 Cloverfield MySpace fans to join us for a big Cloverfield celebration in the Lower East Side. Befriend Cloverfield on MySpace and RSVP to the party to be entered into the drawing. It’s going to be a blast!

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You looking forward to this one?

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4 thoughts on “Cloverfield Party in New York!

  1. Eh.

    The viral marketing has done more to disinterest me in this film than anything else. Whenever I see a commercial for it, I think, “Oh yeah, that thing is coming out. Whatever.”

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