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180Px-Howlin Wolf StampInternational friends we have another music industry biopic in the works that will star Oscar recipient Adrien Brody. It is called Cadillac Records and we get the scoop thanks to our friends at the movieweb:

Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Wright are both gearing up to top-line Cadilac Records. Brody will star as legendary record exec Leonard Chess while Wright has signed on to play musician Muddy Waters. The film will focus on Chicago in the 1950s and will delve into the lives of many different musicians like Little Walter, Howlin’ Wolf and Elvis Presley.

I don’t know much about any of the above artists, save for Elvis. I can tell you this, there is a strong desire that is welling up within me to know as much as humanly possible about the man who goes by the moniker Howlin’ Wolf. This is going to be the movie for me; this film is the Howlin’ Wolf and Elvis show. Looking over at IMDB it looks like Howlin’ Wolf won numerous awards, has been covered by a number of very prominent bands and also had his own stamp (pictured above).

The 1950’s were the most important years in music as far as I am concerned. Groundwork was laid down for all the music that I love today; from a mishmash of different influences Rock and Roll started to take shape. With the help of the greatest salesman ever (Elvis) rock music became a worldwide sensation. Movies about this period in music history are very appealing to me and I look forward to this one. Shooting for the film begins March in New Jersey and the legendary Mississippi.

Please enjoy some Howlin’ Wolf.

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6 thoughts on “Cadilac Records

  1. congradulations on taking on this project, please make it great for the sake of the greatness cadilac records and it’s affiliated artists. best of wishes, and can’t wait.

  2. wow doug…..besides being the funniest man alive…..u like the blues…..fuck yea!

    this movie looks raw…..i love the music from the 50s-60s….and blues and soul is the best kind of music…..yes…..yes indeed…..good post and great video….peace

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