Watch The Shoot Em Up Sex And Guns Scene


I’ve been dying to see Shoot Em Up ever since I heard about the idea of it. I got more excited after sitting down with director Michael Davis a few weeks ago… and then EVEN MORE pumped when my friend Marty Keegan over at HollywoodBabbleOn told me he saw it, and mentioned this way over the top little scene where Clive Owen lives every man’s fantasy…. he has sex with Monica Bellucci while having a gun fight and killing bad guys…. all at the same time.

The concept for Shoot Em Up is just supposed to be a way over the top action fun ride… and a scene like that just sounds like a perfect fit. Well… it seems my god friends over at IESB got their hands on that scene… and I’m please to present it to you. Go on over here to check out the infamous Sex/Gun fight scene from Shoot Em Up.

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  • j

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  • B-Cyde

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    That movie, well Clive, was so hot I needed my vibrator!

  • I think I just missed some off the directors details in this preview. Also I should watch it a couple of times to really catch the sublets of the photography and the music. Only one or two more times.

  • Goon

    Just saw Shoot Em Up. a real let down. not outright horrible but it doesnt deliver what it promises. Crank turns out to be much better in idea and execution.

  • Kristina


    Not a diaper, it’s her skirt.

  • Cole

    I’m going to have to watch this just to figure out how she managed to take off her panties yet still do it while wearing a leather diaper. What the hell?

  • DirkAngerReloaded23

    That scene made me very happy……………………in the pants:-) Definitely gonna catch this one now when it comes out if for no other reason than to watch that scene again on the large screen.

  • Henry from Dallas

    “Talk about shootin your load…”


  • Kristina

    Saw this movie last night and TRUST ME, that scene ain’t the HALF of the crazy shit they’ve got in this flick.

  • Reminds me a lot of a scene from Last Man Standing. Oh the Psychoanalysis I could do on this thing!!!