Star Wars Robot Inspiration For Wall-E?

A friend of mine pointed me to this old deleted Star Wars scene that has Luke talking to one of his droids named “Treds”. Treds as tank tread feet and boxed cone like eyes… sound familiar? Maybe Pixar’s new Wall-E? I know there have been some other comparisions to Johnny-5, but this looks pretty close too. I’m not saying there is a definite connection, but take a look at the first minute of the video and tell me if you think there is at least some inspiration:



  • grhn

    well, pixar was the animation part of lucasfilm in the beginning..did you know that?

  • It’s my name

    Or at leats most of us do…

  • It’s my name

    We all love star wars…

  • Rebeca

    And I hadnt seen that clip before ;)

  • Rebeca

    Lol! to be honest I didnt bother reading all the posts, but,I looked for this because I did see it in one of the scenes , and i screamed wall-e!! to ma bf!! I mean! youve got to say its really similar!!

  • Rob

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  • that clip looks obviously so fake

  • royalduff

    The similarities between movie robots are like the similarities between cars. Technically you could say that PIXARS “Cars” was not original because the cars looked very similar to the cars seen in every movie that has ever had cars in it. I think PIXAR brilliantly knowing that everyone is talking about it. We are all thinking about WALL-E that’s just great marketing.

  • bjon86

    I’m sorry BUT WAL-E is just a midget J-5. That other robot was just two eyes, a pole and some treads. WAL-E’s got the hands, eyes, treads and lil box middle. If you squished J-5 down into a lil midget robot, you would certainly get WAL-E.