New Supergirl Movie?

Supergirl-Tricia-HelferThere have been whispers and rumors about a possible Supergirl movie ever since it was announced that Superman Returns was coming to the big screen. Who can forget the mess of a movie from 1984? If any movie NEEDS re-doing it’s that one.

Personally, I’ve always hated the notion of Supergirl… for the same reasons I don’t like Superboy, or Kid Flash, or Green Lantern Jr. or any other directly related pseudo knock off characters. Kal El is the LAST SURVIVOR of Krypton… oh… except for his cousin… the blond slut flying around in the short skirt her now dead Kryptonian father would never have let her out of the house wearing. BUT… JoBlo is reporting the following:

Is SUPERGIRL getting ready to bust out? According to a tip from ‘Lip’, it could be so — apparently Warner Bros. has already commissioned a script for the younger, blonder and breastier Supercharacter. They’ve supposedly even started contacting managers and agents about possible ladies for the curve-hugging blue bodysock, and we hear BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s slinky Cylon stunner Tricia Helfer was on the list of possibilites.

Screw it. Supergirl is a GREAT IDEA! YAY! I’ll change my tune for anything that might involve Tricia Helfer (For those of you who may not know, Tricia plays 6 on Battlestar Galactica). ANYTHING. What’s that? A new Star Wars movie that George wants to do that is all just Ewoks making wood products with Jar Jar? That’s a stupid… what? Tricia Helfer is to star in it? WICKED IDEA! This woman gives me nut sweat like very few can. Sign me up! Up Up and away!

  • lupin

    i like the taylor swift idea for supergirl!

  • Ravforu

    I don’t think we need the same old same old Supergirl that we got with the movie with Helen Slater or as we saw the character mature in the comics. I think we need a fresh start. Someone who might be considered sexy, but very much a girl. Remember that when Supergirl landed on Earth she was only 15 years old. So we need someone who can play a young girl who’s maturing into a young woman. A girl who’s a little tom-boyish, but blossoming. That’s why I’ve always thought that Ellen Page (Juno, X-men III, Whip-it) would be the perfect choice. More importantly, she can actually act. She’s proven her acting abilities in several films. The real question, after she’s played Kitty in X-men and is about to play “Boltie” in the comedy “Super”, is whether she’d want to tackle the character of Supergirl. But she does have the acting chops to pull it off. And that’s what you need along with a very very good script.

    • A key component of Supergirl would also be that she is pretty.

      Page has proven to be effective in awkward “normal girl” type roles, but she is hardly pretty or sexy.

      • Ravforu

        I said a fresh start. Again, you are thinking of the later version of Supergirl, like Helen Slater, with the bazooka boobs, etceteras. You need to go to the Maid of Might webpage or back to the actual ’59 comics and look at who Supergirl was when she was first introduced. She was not a drop dead gorgeous character. Again she is 15 years old when she lands on Earth. Besides, for the role you need someone who can project a bit of attitude so young girls can identify with the character. This is not supposed to be a film only enjoyed by teenaged boys or 35, 40 or 50 year old men trying to relive a dream. I think if you’re going to create a character that girls and young women can aspire to, can look up to, she can’t be Barbie Doll perfect. That’s what it seems like you’re alluding to, not a pretty girl, but some buxom blonde. Remember she’s called Super “girl”. Furthermore, I’ve seen photos of Ellen Page and she is quite pretty and also can be quite plain. But that would just add to the dichotomy which is Linda Lee (or Danvers) and Supergirl.

  • Raiyhan

    i would personally love to see a new supergirl movie and the only girl that could fit in the supergirl movie would be Mischa Barton(The OC) because she`s tall long hair & her face would make her look attractive and lastly her eyes.

  • John Gregory

    i would personally love to see a new supergirl movie and there are plenty of people how could do it:
    hayden panettiere (she’d be perfect)
    Charlize Theron
    laura vandervoort (would work very well)

    the possibilities are endless – i was a huge fan of the 1984 film and in today market there is a call for a big female heroine – i would be a challange for anyone though – they’d have to make sure it worked well is could so easy be the next catwoman flop (but i liked it) it needs to be modern, sexy and the girl has to be strong minded and very silmular to the cartoon character in justice league. if anyone know if there is going to be another film of Supergirl please let me know. thanks to al for letting me rant

  • michael

    I think Hayden panettiere from Heroes should play Supergirl.

  • joel

    Thats cool! supergirl movie!

  • David

    How about Evan Rachel Wood? Young enough and gorgeous and a good, solid actress.

  • Andy

    Tricia Helfer is NOT right for Supergirl. At thirty six/ thirty seven years old, she’s older than Brandon Routh who played Superman in Superman Returns. Supergirl is supposed to be Superman’s YOUNGER cousin. She’s just too old.

  • Billy

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    Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars As SuperGirl
    Hilari Burton from One Tree Hill as SuperGirl.

    Both are great to see and have a lot of talent and would be a great choice for SuperGirl. But who are we kidding DC Comics has some of the greatest female characters in print today such as BatGirl(B.Gordon)..Huntress..Black Canary..CatWoman and PowerGirl and none of these will ever see a movie deal. And if they do it will be as lame as the first SuperGirl and CatWoman movies.