New Batman and Joker Images

Nothing really special, but here ya go. AICN got their hands on new Batman and Joker images. Personally, I’m starting to dislike the new Batman look. The design of the suit is fine… but Bale IS SO MUCH SKINNIER in this one than he was in the last one. I figure he’s about 20-25 pounds lighter and I do NOT like the look. I don’t hate it or anything… it’s just that the more I see of the thinner Batman, the less I like it.




  • Journalist

    can you tell me some of the phrases joker used in the (first) movie?  Did he have one that said “I feel magnanimous this morning” or something similar?  and didn’t he or one of the other movies interject a series of commercial like phrases in places where they made no sense-sort of psycho?  Like advertising statements….thanks.

  • Yes I notices that myself, I went to watch the new Batman movie and he is little small muscles, I think he should have bigger muscles so the fights don’t look a little fake, I love this movie though is awsome is intense in some point!
    hopely the next Batman have bigger muscles :-)

  • Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?

  • Noah

    Batman’s suit looks like a urban assault battle uniform S.W.A.T. teams would use and I absolutely love it. It gives a believable feel to it all. There’s no question in my mind that Christian Bale is a great Batman. He may not have the screen presence Michael Keaton had but he makes up for it in the physical department. Also, he’s slimmer in this film so he has better mobility in his new suit. On the other hand the Joker looks as if he’s more deranged and weird than loopy and silly in this movie. That particular look also seems more believable to me. It’s absolutely twisted and it works for this kind of character. He’s not silly goofy this time around. Where Heath Ledger may not be as skilled as an actor as Jack Nicholson is, he certainly makes this part his own. Once the movie is released and everyone has seen it only then can we really say how either character is but I’m thrilled to see it either way.

  • Mike

    I’m not so sure about this Joker, I mean, it’s just looks too sloppy to me, like one of those bums I usually run into in the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica, I mean…to me the one and only Joker was in deed Jack Nicholson. But again, I’m not going to judge the book by the cover here, I’ll watch the movie and create a more solid concept on this Joker.

    Batman is looking thin in deed, but it’s ok, I like the suit anyways.

  • wozdog

    bloody hell, whats everyone going on about how skinny batman is and how he doesnt suit the splash of grey. bothered. just watched the trailer the film looks brilliant and cant wait to see it. off to a fancy dress tommorrow night as the joker and if i look half as cool and scary as these pics and the trailer be well chuffed. joker rules

  • Tom

    (continued) as for the people saying the joker needs to be scarier look at the way the picture was taken. A white background with lighting right in the face. When that exact Joker is in the shadows and has the Dark splashed through his Smiling wrinkled face he will look much scarier HAVE FAITH PEOPLE trust that no matter who plays the joker it will always be a great character

    Peace out,
    The Joker of Smoke

  • Tom

    I think that the bat suit needs to be all black like in the first movie. The whole point of the suit is to be the dark knight, when you add all the gray and patterns on it it stands out to much. I like the pure black better with the bat symbol just engraved like the first movie and bale definitely needs to be bigger to be a true batman if you ever see the comics batman is a buff ass dude hes huge bale is gonna ruin it for me if hes a skinny little bastard if his last movie role was a problem than he shuldnt be batman. I like the way they did the joker though ive been a huge fan of the joker ever since i was little reading the comics. I hate it when hes always looking so clean cut and smooth, the jokers supposed to be crazy and messy and a bloody clowny mess with a demonic look plastered on his face. I was dissapointed with the scarecrow in the first movie so hopefully this movie will have a better villain role and i think Heathe Ledger pulled it off god rest his soul