Incredible Hulk Set Explosion Video

Without exaggeration, The Incredible Hulk is shooting as I type this literally a 3 minute walk up the street from my loft. They’ve had a part of Main St. blocked off here in Hamilton Ontario for a couple of days now and are shooting at night. We went for a walk down there earlier, but they were still just setting up the action.

I got my hands on this video a fellow Hamiltonian shot of the set showing us a great explosion and a couple of cars going flying all over the place. It looks great! I think they’re shooting in town here for a couple of more days Check it out:

Here are a couple a stills we took tonight while walking around



  • ht

    does anyone know where the movie will do “the red carpet” premier in June?( It’s not listed on the upcoming events for the Chinese theater in CA)

  • Pat

    Hahaha.. Thats great!! That was my friend who took that video with her cell phone.. It was like 2 am… she woke me up to tell me i just missed a huge scene!! WOO!!

  • took some pic – I should have posted them couple of weeks ago though.
    Well, if anyone is interested.

    I THOROUGHLY enjoyed watching the filming of some of these scenes. Definitely looked to be on a huge scale and very big budget.