Gerard Butler As Conan?

Arnie-ConanConan news has begun to kick up again. Word on the street today is that Gerard Butler may be cast as the Cimmerian, and Director John McTiernan may be on deck to direct. We get the scoop today from the WEBMASTER over at Filmjunk:

French website Mad Movies is reporting that Die Hard director John McTiernan is at the top of the list of filmmakers being considered by New Line for the next Conan flick. As we previously reported, John McTiernan is headed to prison for 4 months, but realistically, 4 months isn’t all that long. So technically it’s possible, and McTiernan seems well-suited for the project (he did direct The 13th Warrior after all). The other part of the rumour is that Gerard Butler is being considered for the role of Conan.

I can live with McTiernan as a director for Conan. I am not certain he would have been my first pic, but he is a great action director, and has experience with sword wielding warfare due to his work on 13th Warrior. I feel at peace with him at the helm, and would look forward to his work with the legendary character. If he can bring the same magic to Conan that he did to Predator I will cry in the theatre and scream for joy in the streets!

I like Gerard Butler, but I would really like to see them to use someone else as Conan. I do not want “that 300 guy” as another sword wielding hero in Conan. They have to cast someone that is huge in stature and not necessarily in name. If Butler is on board, he may do just fine and I may end up eating my words but from where I sit now; I struggle and wonder if he is the best possible choice. I guess I should be happy, they could’ve cast Orlando Bloom.

I must remind you all that this is still unconfirmed news; but if it be true – what do you think?

  • Andreas

    Wow ! Witchyevilprincess is a G.Butler Groupie.
    LOL °_°
    But seriously… You know what they say ?
    Size matters ! Don’t let them tell you anything else.