Freddy vs Jason 2

Freddy-Vs-Jason-2If you thought the fight between the two most infamous killers in the horror genre is over, think again. It seems that New Line Cinema is planning on working on the sequel to the 2003 horror film. via Bloody-Disgusting gives us this:

“The details I have are extremely slim, but from my understanding there is still no script – and because of the WGA strike this means the big battle won’t be coming anytime soon. I believe the studio is planning on moving on a sequel, which pits Freddy Krueger against Jason Voorhees, as soon as the strike ends, but nothing is set in stone. I guess you can say this news is a little premature, but the fact that New Line wants to get the sequel going is important in my book. It would be great to see the two go head-to-head once more right after the Friday remake hits theaters, I’m sick of waiting five years for each franchise to continue.”

This news is exactly why I was not looking forward to the upcoming ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ remakes. Why remake two franchises that AREN’T dead in the first place? People thought this of ‘Rob Zombie’s Halloween’ this year, but I had no problem with that remake. The ‘Halloween’ series was dead in my eyes once I saw the lead heroine, Jamie Lee Curtis get killed effortlessly in the first ten minutes, and when Busta Rhymes ninja kicked Michael Myers in the face in the last installment. The series was in NEED of a reboot.

‘Freddy vs Jason’ was a box office hit, and even though it was not worth the ten year wait since fanboys/girls saw Freddy’s glove emerge from the ground at the end of ‘Jason goes to Hell,’ it still made people talk, and all these rumors and speculations we have heard over the past four years about a potential sequel would not be happening if the fans weren’t expecting (and wanting) another gruesome battle between the two villains.

So am I alone on this issue? Am I the only one who thinks remaking these classic franchises is a little premature? Tell me what you think.

  • I hope they do make another one and they throw Michael Myers in it so I can watch him whip both their asses! Waching part 1 now.

  • slipknot6629

    if they do make another freddy vs. jason im gonna be totally stoked especially cuz i heard some rumors that if they do make the new freddy vs. jason they r gonna have another horror icon it it but no1 knows who else they will put in the movie hopefully myers

  • they need to make a sequal because at the end of
    freddy vs jason,jason comes out of the water with freddy head and freddy winkes and you can tell that
    freddy not done kicking ass. i will be sp fucking mad if there is no sequal.

  • here is how it would go it would start out with the end of [freddy vs jason] jason has freddy head but jason only dreaming freddy head start talking to jason about all thiws elm street shit and how he found two others killers and how he would wake him up next friday the 13th.And he vanish now as we all know michal dead. so freddy gonna bring him back like he did to jason and he gets michals mom to do the talking she says michal honey i will always love u but go to elm street mama needs you to help here some pepole been making fun of u michal GO AND KILL THEM.[follow by freddy evil luff] as u see him wake up and start walking when he sees a sighn elm street
    now we all know leather face is still alive so as his family is slepping this time freddy uses his dad or bro or something the one that got ran over at the end of leather face movie the cop he says listen boy i have some work for u to see go to elm street make fear everwhere help freddy out bring some food home leatherface wakes up and go to elm street follow by freddy luff freddy says once a bunch of idots this time it s gonna be even more fun hahhahahhahahah.the the sighns comes up freedy as u see claws make the name freedy and jason as u see jason makes his name with his wepon and v.s freddy and jason makes v and leather face and michal make s then u see michas knife make his name and leatherface makes his but this ia all going in a fast maode not really slow lol all together it makes

  • eric

    is there gonna be a 3

  • Brent

    the thought of a remake for A NightMare on Elm Street grabbed my attention i am not going to lie but when i looked it up and found out billy bob thorton was in the running for freddy and that robert englund was not even asked made me sick to my stomach robert did say that it is a remake and if he was in it people might think it is a sequel but i say there is no freddy with out robert englund and i will not go see this movie!!!!

  • melvin


    Freddy vs Jason 2 will be phenominal with a twist having Michael Myers show up with Krueger and Voorhees and confused as hell…..

  • Look, you all need to stop the stupid shit about who won the fight between freddy and jason! All of us that even watch freddy and jason knows the truth about who won! In our world, jason won, but in the dream world, we all know that freddy would’ve won just for the simple fact that freddy owns the dream world and jason owns the real world! Also, I think it would be cool for a number 2! Me myself is a freddy fan and I still think freddy should’ve won, But I like jason two, so I guess thats cool to! Also, If the new friday movie is comming out in 09, then they should honestly make a new nightmare movie also and make it more scarier just for the fact that freddy was never scary, but so powerful in a way! I know that the nightmares are fucking awsome, but there horror movies, so they should be HORROR! i mean a little of funny shit can be alright because that’s what kinda makes freddy to be freddy, but then again, freddy needs to be a big scare sometimes too! Like I said, I’m a bigger freddy fan, So don’t think nothing wrong, I love the hell out of freddy! He’s my favorite! But anyways, Freddy Vs. Jason, part two would be Awsome! So lets see it happen!