CALM DOWN! Katherine Heigl Did Not “Slam” Knocked Up

Heigl-Bash-KnockedHoly crap. It’s crazy how we (and I seriously mean “WE”, because we all do this sometimes… me included) can sometimes take one statement made by someone, and build an entire thesis about them. Take today’s uproar over a statement made by Katherine Heigl, who was the co-star with Seth Rogen in Knocked Up.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Heigl said 98% of the movie was an amazing experience, but that it was a “little bit sexist” in parts. Ok… do we have that…. she 98% LOVED the movie, but had one criticism for it. We clear on that?

Today, I read no less than 4 other websites (all run by cool people who are either friends of mine or that I at least know and highly respect) running posts about how Katherine Heigl is an ungrateful traitor, or a hypocrite, or forgetting where she came from. Can you believe it?!?!

All she basically said was that the movie wasn’t perfect. She says 98% was an amazing experience, had one criticism for the film… and people are jumping all over her for it??? Calm down folks. Heigl did not “SLAM” or “BASH” Knocked Up.

I don’t hear people calling George Clooney ungrateful when he mentions Batman as a low point for him. Someone asked her an honest question… the movie has already come out in theaters and on DVD so she can be open with her thoughts on it… and she says she 98% loved it. Is that the new definition of “BASHING” and “SLAMMING”?

You can agree or disagree with Heigl’s opinion (personally I disagree with her assessment) but she was hardly bashing the movie.

  • brandi

    I agree with Carrie and Sam. Why is it when a woman voices her opinion, she’s bashed? Had a Johnny Depp or Clooney said it, everyone would applaud.

  • Sam

    It’s pretty clear to me that not only did Heigl not slam the film, but she was correct. Knocked Up was a buddy comedy with a pregnancy/romcom situation driving the plotline. It was more mature than most, but in its depiction of a spying, paranoid wife and a flatly-written preggers-chick girlfriend it was, undoubtedly, at least “a little sexist.”

    And what gives, calling her a bitch just for voicing her opinion? Seth Rogen was not personally insulted by her comments to Vanity Fair, and he was out of line personally insulting her for them the way he did.
    Now THAT’S sexist.

  • Carrie

    I think this case is purely a matter of opinon.

    I for one, see this movie as being highly sexist. I don’t think it is easy for most men and some women to understand the sexism portrayed in this movie because it is so ingrained into our culture. It conveys the concept that men are volitional, interesting, funny, and mistake-filled. Women on the other hand, have everything together and are cold and boring.

    My question is, can you honestly say that these ideas don’t permeate through our society? What about boys must be boys? How many comedies starring a female role exist out there right now? Beyond Tina Fey? Would a female ever be portrayed as a pot smoking loser with ten extra pounds trying to hook up with hot guys and still be considered redeemable and loveable (similar to the Seth Rogan character)? No, probably not.

    I don’t know who to blame, but why is it so rare for women to be considered something beyond sexy, smart and in control?

    So, I don’t blame Heigel. She is playing the parts that are available to her in Hollywood. However, if she really wanted to do something about sexism, why would she sell out? I think it was a little too late for her to get a moral conscience about how her character comes off.

    I really do applaud her for being honest though. I’m sure many actors have feelings like this about their movies and we just don’t hear it.

  • 27 Dresses

    Batman with George Clooney was an awful movie, everyone agrees on that. I think the director agrees hah. Knocked Up is a great movie. She is a moron. You’re telling me 27 Dresses isn’t sexist? “oh I’m always the bridesmaid why doesn’t a man come along and marry me so I can feel fulfilled?

  • mykal

    ok this persons whole argument hinges on the fact that she says that 98% of the time she loved being in the movie

    but seriously has anyone read the interveiw because that 98% statement was total backpeddaling youd be stupid to miss what was really going on she sat there and bashed the movie for a good 10-15 minutes realised how she was going to be making herself look so she droped that 1 single little notion at the very end of her rant about it being a great experience 98% of the time

    come on people surely its obviouse that she was just backpeddaling to save face

  • Terri

    Can I ask this please? How many people really give a damn about what she says or doesn’t say? Honestly, I’ve seen her on interviews and her and her ‘craft’ really need to sit back and take a break from being so serious. It’s ACTING – she’s not saving the world for God’s sake.

  • Jim


    From what I’ve read, I don’t think her criticism of Grey’s falls into the “bashing” category, either. She expressing frustration with how her character has recently been portrayed. She’s not saying that the show sucks.

    Regardless, in the case of Grey’s, I’m less likely to have a problem with what she’s saying anyway, because I agree with her. The behavior she’s criticizing (her character’s affair with George) is exactly why I stopped watching the show, a show that, up to that point, I had really enjoyed.

  • Hmmmm

    Well, due to the overreactions Heigl’s rep released a statement
    Katie’s rep did a statement:
    [quote]Despite her candid comments, Heigl’s rep insists,[b] “Katherine’s intention was never to bash a film that opened doors for her. She loves Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen and had a great time making Knocked Up and states that in her quote.”[/b][/quote]

    I think it has a lot to misrepresentation, and Vanity Fair trying to get sales. I can recall Seth Rogan, in his KU press junkets, criticizing his character Ben Stone. However, he was slammed *shrugs*. To me both Seth and Katherine criticized the film the thing is Seth did his while it in promotion. So I don’t know seems not much to be pissed about. I think people are overreacting to this, and due to this hence the statement of Heigl’s intention.