Batman vs Superman Poster From I Am Legend

As you can see from my review, I enjoyed I Am Legend. It’s not perfect… it’s not even “great”, but I had a good time watching (especially since I got to watch it in the historic and legendary Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood… but I’ll tell you more about that later).

But my favorite joygasm moment in the film was when Will Smith was walking down the deserted streets of New York, and a giant Batman vs Superman movie poster was hanging from a building!!! Made me smile like an idiot. I’ve been dying to see a Batman vs Superman movie ever since I read The Dark Knight Returns back in grade 8. Anyway, a Krintina was kind enough to email me this shot this morning showing the image from the movie. I’m still smiling.


  • J

    I saw it, there is a TEEN TITAN poster in the movie spot
    So, it is confirmed on the card n poster but the joker card has a horse not a jester in the movie, but that could’vr been to make it less obvious that the joker would be in a movie one day which he did done by heath

  • J

    and there was a poster of the green lantern that you can see the first time he heads to the movie spot before he gets out they show a distant view of the outside of the store and you can see it on the window then when he is walking in to return the movie as he goes in the aisle look at all the posters left of him and you will see the green lantern, but i still haven’t seen the TEEN TITAN Movie poster, i’ll keep looking for that

  • J

    Hey the card is in the book he is reading right after he wakes up and is watching the news in the kitchen, now it is a horse on the front of the card but it says Joker on the top left so it is a joker card but not the one that the joker usually carries with the jester in the front of it