April Fools Day Remake

apfldy.jpgAs the days go on, it seems that every week we hear wind of more and more remakes – one has just been announced for the film April Fool’s Day. We get the skinny from cinematical:

If we were sharing this news on the first of April, you probably wouldn’t believe it, but sources indicate that a remake of the 1986 slasher flick April Fool’s Day is about to get underway. Bloody-Disgusting.com places “The Butcher Brothers” in the director’s chair.

I am unable to comment on the original. I always wanted to rent it as a kid because of the kick ass cover, but due to the rating I was never allowed to do so. Movie makers certainly are in the mood for remakes these days. When they remake a movie that is awesome I get scared, when they remake a movie that was not so well received (like this one) I am curious to see if the story is told better a second time around. I just hope there is hair in the movie that is formed into a noose.

I am at a loss for words when typing about another remake. It seems like every time one comes out I beat a dead horse talking about this bullshit. International friends – I turn to you. Has anyone seen the original? If so, what are your thoughts on this remake?

  • chaz

    does anyone know if the role of chaz will be back my mom came up with my name after watching this movie.