Sweeney Todd Opening Credits

We have seen the first few minutes of a film being released for promotional reasons, but this is the first time I can recall that we are given opening credits as a morsel to entice us. We were made aware of this video thanks to an exclusive at BWW TV:

Not too much here to get excited about, but I did like the following of the blood trail, and I thought the music was great. I enjoy the work of Mr. Burton and always look forward to viewing his artistry. The word on the street is that this could be a contender for film of the year. No Country For Old Men will be tough to beat, but we will see is Sweeney Todd is up to it.

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8 thoughts on “Sweeney Todd Opening Credits

  1. fofo,

    One can clearly see that you analyse your films in the utmost depth. It’s a true honor to have comments from someone with such a broad spectrum in the film industry. Ingenious of you to come up with the novel idea of connecting song to ‘faggets’ or fagots (US spelling) as I believe it should be.

    I thought that the film was a good one. The scene was beautifully set in a typically Tim Burton fashion and the songs were very well performed. For me Helena Bonham Carter was by far the best actress in the film.

    Although Jonny Depp is an actor I greatly admire, I don’t feel that he was the one to play the role of Sweeney Todd. He looked too young not portraying an image of pain and revenge and it was hard not to see him instead of Todd (e.g. in the scene where he is reunited with his ‘friends’. I also found the plot extremely predictable and was not really gripped by it and agree with Lydia’s comment on the beggar woman – there was not enough interaction between her and Todd which would have built up to a more dramatic death.

    All in all, I found the film entertaining when I watched it but would not watch it again or rate it as one of the greats.

  2. this movie pissed me the fuck off, it really did with all the damn singing now my two fagget friends are singing the fucking songs, fuck you johnny depp you and ur fucking fucked up tooth

  3. Just saw the movie. My daughter thinks it was made just for me. I have adored Sweeney Todd since I first saw it (at least 10 times)in the late 70s. Have appeared it several productions as well. I loved the movie. Loved Johnny Depp. Loved everyone in it. Antony was from heaven. My only negative criticism was the beggar woman. They cut her part drastically. Todd should have several interactions with her before the very end. I don’t understand why her part was so cut down. She should be lifting her skirt and offering up her crumpet. It adds to understanding her character. It took away from the ending, which should be excrutiatingly painful. The ending dissapointed me. I did love Judge Turpin’s cutting and Mrs. Lovett’s final oven scene was perfect.

  4. I don’t find the music that great. I miss Danny Elfman’s openings/themes. The Spiderman theme, the openings to Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Men in Black and others, they all have that magic/fairytale feeling that gets you in the mood. This one may be what Christina said, but it still sounds like standard horror movie score.

  5. Ooh, I like this a lot. I saw a student production of Sweeney Todd at Theater Aquarius two years ago and am very excited to watch the story on the big screen.

  6. The music is an instrumental version of the choral song that opens the musical. They sadly had to cut all the choral pieces from the movie, since they couldn’t figure out how to stage them believable in a movie setting, but it’s unfortunate because those pieces are glorious. I’m glad that music has found some way in at least. Sondheim is a genius.

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