Ray Park As Snake Eyes Predicted 7 Years Ago

This was really funny. Regular Movie Blog reader “Jay” sent me this today. It’s from 7 years ago in an issue of Wizzard Magazine. In the article they did their casting call for a possible GI Joe movie. Not only did they call for Ray Park to play Snake Eyes (Which as we now know is a role he actually got), but they also made some other great casting calls for the other roles. It’s strange, but 7 years later I still think they’re right on the money.


The other bits of fantasy casting from the article include:

Duke – Howie Long
Lady Jaye – catharine Bell
Storm Shadow – Jet Li
Cobra Commander – Gary Oldman
Zaranna – Pink
The Baroness – Famke Janssen
Destro – Lawrence Fishburne
Scarlet – Laura Prepon
Flint – Kurt Russell
Road Block – Michael Clarke Duncan

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