New Semi Pro Poster

We have a new Semi Pro poster to show you guys. Thanks to our friends at IGN for the hookup.


I am looking forward to Semi Pro. I enjoy most everything Will Ferrell births and I am interested to him work with Woody Harrelson. Woody was damn hilarious in Kingpin and it is cool to see him bring his comedic talents to this picture.

This poster is not too shabby. I enjoy the car on the basketball court, it is a festive event when a car goes on hardwood and/or carpet and I don’t know why. The best thing about the poster – is the jerseys. The tropics jerseys are sweet as hell and are chock full of funk. I want the full outfit; perhaps it will re-ignite my desire to return to the hoop.

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7 thoughts on “New Semi Pro Poster

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  2. haha! that looks hilarious- hey! and correct me if im wrong- that guy at the right. isnt he supposed to be carnage in spiderman 4? i kno its off topic but i wanna kno

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