Lance Henriksen is NOT in ‘X-Files 2’

All those hoping to see the return of Frank Black better go out and buy the ‘Millennium’ DVD sets.  Despite all the speculated rumors that Lance Henriksen was going to be cast in ‘The X-Files 2’ film as his character from the ‘X-Files’ spin-off, ‘Millennium,’ it turns out that the rumors were NOT true. 

According to a very trusted source who has spoken to Mr.Henriksen recently, in his conversation with him Lance revealed that he will not be involved with the new ‘X-files’ film, and that the rumors have blown way out of proportion.

I was very disappointed hearing this news, but that doesn’t mean the new film will be awful without him. (Besides, the rumor seemed like a fanboy’s wet dream anyways) Frank Black, you will be missed. :(    

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