Heroes Cheerleader GQ Magazine’s “Obsession of the Year”

Hayden Panettierre (Claire the Cheerleader from TV’s Heroes) is very bad for my quest for personal purity of thought and spirit. When I see her… I think dirty dirty dirty things. Does that make me a bad person?

Well, apparently I’m not the only one who finds Hayden a stumbling block to personal purity. GQ Magazine just called her “Obsession of the Year”. Well DUH! Take a look at some of these pics courtesty of the folks over at CinemaSkin and throw your thought purity out the window.





Dear sweet heavens… that’s just wrong.

24 thoughts on “Heroes Cheerleader GQ Magazine’s “Obsession of the Year”

  1. The only thing about these pictures is that:

    a) I had more respect for her in a swimsuit when she was saving the dolphins from the Japanese


    b) “Move over, Miss Lohan, and Miss ‘I’m Not That Innocent’ Spears. There’s a new future party-going slut in town, I want you to know it”

  2. cib3k you are spot on.

    she is average….

    and lets face it … she is a fucking horrendously bad actor. absolutely appalling. I feel sorry for the guy who plays her dad for having to share the screen with her so much as if you want a sure fire way to ruin a scene put her character in it.

    but thats par for the course with heroes. the acting in general has reached a level that the show has become unwatchable.normally people get better as a show goes along but its gotten to comical levels.

  3. Hayden=the next Lindsay Lohan (who was once “the next Shannen Doherty”) I’m telling you…this girl is going to get in major trouble in the next few years…..

  4. To quote Family Guy, “America sure loves hot white jailbait ass”. Get any young girl in a bikini, put it in front of a few guys and they will drool over her like mad. Hayden is just plain looking and in a good shape, that’s all. There are others in Hollywood that are way hotter than her, while there are probably very few young actresses (none actually comes to mind) that don’t look as good.

    And I’m a straight guy, BTW.

  5. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl(and I don’t watch Heroes), but I don’t get all the fuss over Hayden Pantyhair. She’s not ugly, don’t get me wrong, but she’s not nearly as attractive as Megan Fox or Scarlett Jo. She’s cute, but she’s not nearly as hot as some people are trying to claim she is.

  6. Damn! I think I have just turned lesbian. Pic #2 is officially my new screensaver……trying to figure out how to put them all together to make a slideshow. *wipes sweat from brow*

  7. lol…indeed this is very wrong….but on the other hand shes 18 and……sexy. never liked heroes but when i saw her in commercials i always told people “shes hot, but i know im goin to jail for sayin that” idk something about her screams statutory….thats just me

    and i agree mozz playin off the fact shes basically jailbait and playin off that for a pic is kinda disturbing…but as u say sadly thats american. god i love this country…lol

  8. Yeah I’m sorry, but that second pic IS wrong.
    Even if she’s technically legal now, the sheer thought of the thousands of virgin fanboys who have a wank over this just makes me shiver.
    But that’s so American. On one hand those girls have to act all innocent and virgin-like, on the other hand they can whore it out on pics like that. Makes me sick.

  9. Thanks John…saw these at work now I can’t stand up or else something might get noticed and I’ll problaby lose my job.

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