Hancock Poster / What Is He Thinking About

We have obtained the new Hancock poster thanks to our friends at moviesonline:

Poster Hancock

Look above at the above Poster of Hancock. Consider his face. Look into his eyes. What is he thinking about?

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42 thoughts on “Hancock Poster / What Is He Thinking About

  1. Wow lots of Will Smith haters! How can you not like the Fresh Prince?? I think that Will Smith is a really nice guy in real life. Didn’t you know he’s butt buddies with Tom Cruise??

  2. i really dont understand the hate some of you losers are dealing his way.

    hes a very good actor, and has been in some very good blockbuster movies. thinking quickly, only 2 of them sucked (wild wild west and MIB2), and dont hate him just because he got huge paychecks for those.

    its not his fault everyone likes him and he is obviously better at life than all of us.

    now i kind of hate myself for getting all over his dick, but there is no reason to hate so much.

  3. wow a lotta will smith haters on this post…..dont be mad cuz every piece of crap he touches turns gold….its like hes midas….but with poop

  4. “I just jacked some preppy white boy for his Abercrombie beanie, and he was like AWW HELL NAW and I was like AWW HELL YEAH fool fo sho, ya know?! And then he threw his Chapstick at me and told me to slap some on my crusty-ass mouth, and I was like AWW HELL NAW and he was like AWW HELL YEAH fool fo sho, ya know?!”

    I am so sick of Big Willie Style…

  5. notice how the reflections of the city in my glasses make me like spiderman!

    also, im will smith, im fucking awesome, everyone loves me, im rich as hell, and bring on another 60 mil opening weekend.

  6. On a completely unrelated note, the “Made of Honor” ad that’s been chillin’ on the right hand side of themovieblog.com for months now is only marketing for that movie I’ve seen.

    I wonder why…

    Happy New Years Movie Blog peoeple

  7. yep these glasses and hat look stupid….but guess what 50 million opening week….eat that bastards!!

    at least thats what i would be thinking…

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