Gerard Butler As Conan?

Arnie-ConanConan news has begun to kick up again. Word on the street today is that Gerard Butler may be cast as the Cimmerian, and Director John McTiernan may be on deck to direct. We get the scoop today from the WEBMASTER over at Filmjunk:

French website Mad Movies is reporting that Die Hard director John McTiernan is at the top of the list of filmmakers being considered by New Line for the next Conan flick. As we previously reported, John McTiernan is headed to prison for 4 months, but realistically, 4 months isn’t all that long. So technically it’s possible, and McTiernan seems well-suited for the project (he did direct The 13th Warrior after all). The other part of the rumour is that Gerard Butler is being considered for the role of Conan.

I can live with McTiernan as a director for Conan. I am not certain he would have been my first pic, but he is a great action director, and has experience with sword wielding warfare due to his work on 13th Warrior. I feel at peace with him at the helm, and would look forward to his work with the legendary character. If he can bring the same magic to Conan that he did to Predator I will cry in the theatre and scream for joy in the streets!

I like Gerard Butler, but I would really like to see them to use someone else as Conan. I do not want “that 300 guy” as another sword wielding hero in Conan. They have to cast someone that is huge in stature and not necessarily in name. If Butler is on board, he may do just fine and I may end up eating my words but from where I sit now; I struggle and wonder if he is the best possible choice. I guess I should be happy, they could’ve cast Orlando Bloom.

I must remind you all that this is still unconfirmed news; but if it be true – what do you think?

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31 thoughts on “Gerard Butler As Conan?

  1. Wow ! Witchyevilprincess is a G.Butler Groupie.
    LOL °_°
    But seriously… You know what they say ?
    Size matters ! Don’t let them tell you anything else.

  2. lol andrea at this time we dont need super muscular conan like your granpa arnold haha.. gerard has same height of arnie standing 6″2. a serious body of gerry can get into this film.

  3. Sounds fantastic !!!
    A new Conan movie. It would be amazing if this flick finds it’s way back on the big screen.
    But… Gerard Butler in title role ?
    Come on folk’s ! They can’t be serious :-(
    As an actor Butler is quiet okay. And his performances in movies like 300 are stunning, but
    choosing him as Conan would be fatal.
    It’s like our beloved cimmerian, blood shedding warrior has turned into a sword wielding and very well tanned womanizer.
    Turning Goliath into David ? Please don’t do that to us dearest filmmakers. Choose someone like the austrian oak. Gouvernator Schwarzenegger.
    However it may comes… If it really comes.
    A new Conan Adventure after all these years would be a big blast.

  4. OHH common people let just gerard butler do his gong ho decapitating heads this time on conan..
    the man won TAURUS ACTION STAR ON 2007.. LET JUST GIVE HIM AGAIN A SWORD THIS TIME.. NO other actor caN PLAY LIKE GERARD BUTLER GAVE LIFE OF THE SPARTAN KING LEONIDAS ON 300. just imagine orlando bloon played on 300 it would be a funny joke stupiduty film.. the rock sucks even hos scorpion kin movie.. i like gerard hes tough hes real and hes genius acting style he can play conan dramatically i hate arnold conan before but if you want to smash ground breakng movies this time pLAY GERARD BUTLER!! lets just bring back angelina jolie this time and MR. BUTLER AGAIN.. P.S i think jet lee could play that chinese monk! SUPER COOL CASTIN GREAT!!

  5. I love the idea of Butler acting Conan. It will be an absolutely new film trilogy, and we need a capable actor to portray the cimmerian. No huge & stupid bodybuilders, never. We need an actor to match Arnold’s skills, but play a more modern kind of hero. After we got a smart and tragical Batman in The Dark Knight, after we got realistic James Bond in Casino Royale, it would be a killing disappointment to see another muscle&loincloth pulp movie. Actor like Butler can make Conan dramatical, and still he’s tough


  7. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so
    triple hhh is the man he looks neanderthalish for the role

  8. Am i crazy??? Am i the only one who thinks Arnold is the worst actor EVER???? Butler, all things aside is a very good actor. I remember after reading the Conan stories from Howard, i realized (and don’t get me wrong, i really enjoyed Conan the barbarian) Conan is a barbarian, not a moron. Bring the Butler, or at least a real actor (Ralf Muller???? Come on, man!!!!!!!)

  9. There’s no story yet, except the ones that Howard wrote.

    As long as we get a real actor in the role, I’ll be happy.

  10. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)Look if Schwarzenegger Ain,t Gonna Play Conan Then Don,t Bother The Story Call,s For An Older Conan And That Is Arnie,He Does,nt Have To Be Completely Ripped Just Well Muscled I think He Can Still Pull That Off,giving this role to someone else would be like casting someone else as rocky ,it just ain,t gonna fly!

  11. No. Leave Conan alone. Nothing made in this new century could ever do justice to the original film. I loved that there was hardly any dialog (due to Arnold’s bad English) but it worked wonders for the film and its amazing soundtrack.

    If it was remade, I know it would turn into some god-awful action movie with whatever actor they choose screaming: “I AM CONAN!”

  12. You’re right Kristina. He has to put back a lot of muscle and fat. Maybe some wrestler who’s on the juice can do the job.

  13. And before 300 and Beowuf & Grendel (note: “Grendel” was simply a giant with mental problems- for this was a character study) Butler was Atilla The Hun

    But regardless – what was that story a few days back with Butler saying he wasn’t approched for Sabretooth in ‘Wolverine’? Betcha he wasn’t talked to about Conan either.

    So the question is, who’s Conan?

    Here’s my roster, in no order:

    1) Daniel Cudmore [from the X-Men films]

    2) Karl Urban [‘course, then again, he was also in Pathfinder]

    3) Paul Levesque

    Other than that, Hell If I Know.

  14. McTiernan would rock because he would know about hard life because his time in the can. I am sure a lot of great cimmerian had a hard live like him make bad films such as Rollerball. But I don’t think that King Leonidas him self would be good to play Conan.

    let’s just think about his last film before 300 it was Beowulf & Grendel. Yeah you are right Phil Gee. Till then I am going to play the new Conan video game.

  15. When i was watching Beowulf, i kept thinking that it might be nice to make the new Conan movie using that technique because it would mean, technically, Arnie could play the part again. Seeing all the violence that they got away in Beowulf, i don’t think a PG13 Conan (which it will probably be anyway) would hurt too much.

    But i’ll take Mr Butler if i have no other choice.

  16. I LOVE the Butler, loved him before he broke out with 300, and I’m glad he’s getting more attention now. That being said, I don’t want him getting typecast as the sword-swinging screaming guy. He can do a lot more than that. I’m all for seeing hot guys with their shirts off, but I hope he turns this down and goes for projects that show off his acting range.

    And as for The Rock Rafa1215, have you seen him lately? He’s lost a ton of weight since he stopped wrestling. He looks downright skinny compared to when he did The Scorpion King. No go.

  17. Keep Butler out of Conan! That would totally kill the mystique that is that character. They should get that huge dude from Troy that Achilies killed with the sword to the throat. That mofo is HUGE! He could probably pass for Arnold’s son too…

  18. I agree with you Doug, I feel at ease knowing McTiernan, but Butler as Conan doesn’t really seem to fit.

    I don’t think any actor on earth can give such a striking portrayal of Conan as Arnie did. He was fricken born for that role. I really wanted Arnie to do ‘King Conan’, before his dive in the politics instead of T3.

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