First 5 Minutes Of Aliens VS. Predator Requiem

It looks like releasing the first few minutes of a film is becoming quite popular. I first heard about this video thanks to our readers on a previous AVP-R post.
I now present it for all of you to enjoy.

What do you guys think about the first few minutes? Has this stirred interest in the film; or has it robbed you of the desire to see it?

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33 thoughts on “First 5 Minutes Of Aliens VS. Predator Requiem

  1. SFsilver you got it in one.

    regardless of how bad the alien series fell Predator is b movie schlock. fantastic schlock but schlock nonetheless….it is not anywhere enar the same class as alien or aliens for that matter.

    putting them to together completely diminishes the value of the alien characters.

    these vs movies are an awful idea…all of them and i hope this piece of shit bombs so hopefully it will put to bed any idea of any more stupid vs movies…..

  2. I agree with bert belgium, this movie would probably kick ass if there was no dialogue at all, maybe even take place on an alien world with no humans whatsoever.

    But I really liked what I saw in the first five minutes. It’s better if there’s only one Predator going out to hunt all the Aliens, we saw way too much of the Predators in the first AVP. What we have now is a veteran hunter (as opposed to the noobs in AVP) going to Earth to bring the pain.

    One of the problems with the first movie was a story that was too complex and distorted. I think a straight kick ass action movie with lots of violence and a simple (yet engaging) story is what’s needed. This movie’s going to RULE.

  3. They’re using a temp track, because those cues were from both Alien and Predator franchises.

    Did anyone notice that the chair the Predator was sitting in was very similar to the Space Jockey from Alien?

  4. Good to see the kid got a face hugger too. keeping it real. i don’t expect to see too much depth or narrative. just aliens and perdators going at it. looks like fun but nothing else, which is good enough for me.

  5. for the record this is actually the first ten minutes edited down to five.

    this film is going to be fucking terrible.

    when they really have to push the fact that its really violent and that they kill a kid you know they are desperate. “look at hpoe edgy and violent we are.” what else are they selling other than that?

    i feel sorry for all you if that makes you happy…..guys who say that even for a film like this you don’t need scene setting or story just blow shit up…

    these films can be so much more than that…i don’t expect fucking chinatown but jesus are you all blind..this film looks fucking awful….

    you can still have all the action but have a brain..this film will have neither.

    it looks like a direct to video load of fucking garbage. absolute desperate trash.

    and that fucking hybrid alien predator thing is the fucking stupidest idea ever.

    godawful…ridley scott is rolling in his grave and he isn’t even dead yet..john mcternian is probably begging to anally assaulted in prison to take his mind of the pain of seeing his film dragged down to the level of a sci fi channel peice of fucking horseshit.

  6. Are they using a temp track or was that from Brian Tyler? Its kind of nice that they are using both cues from Alien and Predator but I would hope that Tyler would come up with something intresting of his own because he really is a talented composer.

    Looks like fun even though I wonder what happend to the Elder Predators and how the PredAlien could morph into something huge so fast. Looks like dumb fun so I’m there lol.

  7. Hey Bert!

    In the extras on the Alien 3 dvd, they talk about the fact that James Cameron talked all the time about doing a part three on Earth with newt, weaver and what’s-his-name (the soldier). But by the time they had decided to do a part 3, Cameron had moved on to other things…

  8. At the end did only one predator leave to seek out the crashed ship?? That was the impression I got. One predator got the message and it got up, picked up it’s mask and whip (reminds me of Indy) and sets off to do its business.

  9. for some reason i think it would be an interesting choice, if they never came to earth and it was just aliens, predators and no one ever spoke a word!! that’s what made these first couple of minutes so badass!!

    oh wells, guess killing small boys in the first five minutes has it’s charmes too!!

  10. how dare you insult Predator. Alien is good but out of all the Alien/Predator films….by far Predator is the most kickass.

  11. I like what I see, and will probably go.

    What has bothered me about the AvP idea is that it elevates the B movie schlock of Predator and diminishes the A movie legacy of Alien. This first scene essentially asks us to forget that Alien which took place in the future was supposedly the first human encounter with the Alien and now we’re supposed to believe that in the contemporary world Earth itself is invaded by Aliens…

    I just think these movies piss on the rich Alien back material.

    I hope it’s good though,because, well its just better for us all if movies are actually good.

    I do think solid story telling can’t be replaced by a mindless swirl of violence and special effects. The Alien franchise is great because it combined intense violence and action with great story telling.

  12. ……looks cool. Ive never thought id see a face-hugger kill a kid. This already looks better than the first. I just wish the predators wouldnt die so easily. but this sold me. im gonna see it

  13. This looks better. It brought me back to the creepy “don’t f*ck with them!” factor I loved about the early films. My money better be worth an all-out slaughter!

  14. This clip made me sick, cause i just saw it after watching the original Alien. AvP deserves better, its not all about the eye candy damit!

    but im still gona see it cause im a sucker…

  15. Aliens (properly) on earth finally! I’ve been waiting for it since the older alien movies…and the predator sitting in his ship selecting his mask bit and the original music playing in the background got me goosebumps

  16. The FX are not all I expected but at least they showed right away that they aren’t afraid to kill kids and melt people’s arms off. That is more than I can say for the last few movies I have seen!

    I like the new look. I also like the 5 minute teasers.

    I am ready for AVP 2, which really looks like AVP for the first time, as opposed to stupid people running around with Aliens and Predators in the back ground…

  17. Son of a gun….I’m down. $10 have been put aside.

    I really hope that there is AVP action through out the movie and not at the end like its predecessor, which was a below average film.

  18. Jim, have you not seen the first Alien vs Predator?

    They are over Earth due to the events that happened in that movie. Namely, a Predator rite of passage of hunting Aliens, which just happens to take place in a long abandoned temple deep below the ice near the southern pole of Earth.

  19. Damn straight Victor, a battle on LV-426 between these two Goliaths would be fucking epic! But with these Hollywood types, it would come strictly as a marketing decision.

    With a film like this you have to say fuck story, fuck setting up scenes, and just blow some shit up! We want action, and all the first 5 minutes indicate is that there will be a lot of nonsense and not so redeeming suspense. The delivery of the action is just as wasteful, as it is lackluster, and not that inspiring. Like Phil Gee pointed out, these visuals look like a fucking CGI sequence in an old video game. It also seems like a new trend to have all this unnecessary “fat” dragging down the more important details and action in a motion picture.

    Maybe they just don’t give a damn anymore. As long as they can sell the product and make a buck or two. And it fucking works, because you know damn well you’re going to show up at the theater. But that’s giving too much credit to Hollywood for fucking over the people. More than likely this is all a disturbing result of NOT KNOWING WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING OUTSIDE THE CONCEPT OF BRILLIANT MARKETING!!!!

  20. the score seems an amalgamtion of all alien and predator films before it.bad thing?? i don’t think so? seemed pretty good. especially a tantallising glimpse of their homeworld. i did think that their homeworld would be more of a jungle setting not a metropolis.

  21. Looks good so far, hopefully we have some decent human interaction though. I dont know if i could stand a whole movie with nothing but the Alien “Hissing” and the Predator “purring” for 2 hours….

  22. Afraid not but i was never going to see it. I think teenagers will love it but for me, it looks devoid of any thrills, tension or atmosphere. It really reminds me of the live action opening cut scene for the first Resident Evil game.

    Does anyone remember that?

  23. Ah it will be mindless action like the first A vs P. I am sure the special effects will be decent, but will once again lack in a decent story. I might go see, and if not I might go rent. The scene in the first A vs P with the Predator and the lead chic running through the ruins at the end of the first movie still makes my body shudder when I think of it.

  24. The score is kinda shitty and the backstory a little lame… why are they researching over Earth anyway (but maybe we’ll find that out). However, the kid getting killed definitely ups the reliability of the quality of the action… the forest scene was cool.
    I’ll see it

  25. I’ve always been a big fan of both Alien and Predator franchises. Read a few of the books as well, which were surprisingly good.

    Just to get more Predator/Alien fix I’ll want to watch this, now whether I buy it or not is debatable on how good it is. But I have some faith.

  26. I think this idea of releasing a bit of a film is great. I had no interest what-so-ever in seeing this movie until after watching this and the redband trailer. Now I probably will see it if other people wanna go with me.

    But in an interview the director said this first 5 minutes is condensed and is not exactly what will be seen in theaters.

  27. I hate these promotional idea personally. I think it is a boring and unimaginative (although relatively cost efficient, I admit) way to market your film, and may just be an inidicator of how bad the movie is. I don’t think I have seen a film I have YET enjoyed that has released the first few minutes of footage.

  28. Taking the movie for what it is, an action flick with two of my favorite non-human races, it is something definitetly worth checking out. If anything I would love to see battle take place on the alien or predator planet, all out war but that will never happen.

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