Cruise to play Vampire Lestat?

It seems that the theme of “nearly forgotten actor uses old franchise to bolster their popularity” has even infected the rumour mill. Tom Cruise’s Lions for Lambs came and went with a whimper and the plot to assasinate Hitler story Valkyrie just entering post production. Cruise is not on the hotlist anymore. Now we find out that United Artists are attempting to acquire the rights to Anne Rice’s Tale of the Body Theif (book from the same series as Interview with a Vampire) and already the buzz is that Cruise will play LeStat.

FilmJunk reports

There are rumours swirling that Cruise’s production company United Artists are in talks to obtain the rights for the 4th book in Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, The Tale of the Body Thief. While it has not been explicitly stated that the movie would be a vehicle for Cruise to star in, it does seem to be the most likely option.

While I loved Interview with a Vampire, I could live without Queen of the Damned and the 4th book seems to be the most fitting to a screenplay in the series.

I think Cruise needs more than a big hit movie to get himself back on the A-List track. He may own the souls of Hollywood’s elite, but the public eye still sees him as a whackjob and I think that is hurting his reputation far more than any of his films can or cannot do for him.

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  1. Personally, all the people they have been looking at don’t look enough like vampires :/ MY NOMINATION IS! JUDE LAW!! I think hes perfect for the part.

  2. Cruise is the only person in this world beautiful enough to play Lestat. He preformed the part so well that, as I watched Interview, I thought Lestat had jumped out of the pages and on to the tv screen. My little Anne Rice heart started pounding and I found myself crying every time Lestat was let down. I loved that very interesting ending, it was perfect and hilarious. Only Cruise can pull the part of Lestat off, Cruise is Lestat, when I think of Lestat now, all I can imagine him to look like is Cruise, they are character and actor combined together to fit like soul mates.

    1. the rumour is that robert downey jnr is going to play lestat. only 20 odd years too old!
      now we have true blood to enjoy as well, it will be hard to surpass stepen moyer who plays bill.
      i think lestat could be played best by a european, why does it always have to be ageing americans? why cant there be a hunt for the perfect lestat like there was for vivien leigh in gone with the wind

      1. You make a very good point. I wouldn’t mind seeing an unknown playing the role, if they were at least on point with that role and the script is on point with the books.

        As far as TrueBlood, don’t get me started. I have a love hate relationship with the books and the show. Stephen Moyer is NOT Bill, in any way. His atrocious accent leaves me wanting to strangle whoever did the casting for that show. Including whoever cast Anna Paquin as Sookie. It was all a ploy to get her naked, I think. The only decent casting job was Eric and Jason.

        As for Tom (Yes, I use his first name, since everyone feels they know him, being the media-slathered celebrity that he is) and the rumor of the movie…I’ll watch it. Then maybe…just maybe…I’ll like it. Or I won’t. Bottom line. And all of you will do the same, else you wouldn’t be on this site bickering about it like 3 year old kids, right alongside me. Cheers!

  3. You Know What!? I Know its beeb a bit Since I was Last on Here. But I still say,It DAMN Well better BE Tom Cruise..Stuart can GO TO HELL!! AS I said Before No Matter What Happens it ”WILL ALWAYS BE TOM CRUISE FOR ME” AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT I THINK,OR FEEL..WELL,DID I EVER ASK YOU? HELL NO! QUEEN OF THE SHIT,IS JUST THAT ‘SHIT’ & IT WILL “ALWAYS” BE!! Now For That Other Person’s Qustion,I don’t qustion on what People Believe in,Whatever they do,Well “they” do. But you have NO right to Judge them for it. & you know,People “can” & “do” Mix up what people say into something eles thats NOT true to start off with. You really Need to Live Life the Way Tom has had to,Then maybe you will get how he feels,thinks. Untill you Do,SHUT THE HELL UP!! How would you like people talking ”shit & lies about you?” Huh? I Didn’t think you’d like it yourself. The Next Person that Talks Shit & Lies about Tom,Well I hope someone Does it to you,So you know how It feels. & Learn how to Treat people “All” People right.. Remember the saying “A TRUE Saying?” “Treat people the way YOU want to be Treated”!! So If You call Tom, “A wackJob” Then He Has EVERY Right to Call YOU the Same,Ever Think Of that?? No! Cut the Crap! Everyone that Says Oh Tom’s no good,Well Thats How I feel for you. Whats Fair is Fair. Deal with the TRUTH!! I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Queen of the Shit,Shit,Shit,Shit,Shit!! & Thats ALL there Is to it! Its Tom Cruise FOREVER FOR ME!! Don’t Like what I Feel? Or Have to say?? The Talk to the Wall,Cause NO ONE Has the Right to tell me Who to like,Or How to Feel!! I’m not telling you,So,I don’t wanna Hear it,Unless its Tom. & thats what I think..

  4. I think that Stuart Townsend should play Lestat again if there really is going to be a new movie,he portrays a vampire much better then tom cruise.

  5. 01 – I don’t think Tom Cruise is a bad actor, or that he’s lost his popularity.
    02 – i would love an adaptation of the vampire lestat, but let’s face it, it’s not going to happen.
    03 – If UA is the one doing this film, let’s hope they don’t make the same mistakes WB did, but is quite possible Criuse reprises his role as Lestat.
    04 – I would prefer for them to cast another actor, preferently french or european, and if possible an unknown face, because Cruise was in his 30’s back in IWTV, more than 10 years older than he shoul have been, but now he’s 40 something, he’s more than 20 years older than he should be.
    05 – but nomatter what UA’s desition is i’ll watch the film, and enjoy all that i can, and bitch about all I don’t like, and if a rumor of another VC film comes out i’ll start again & so will you.

  6. I did not think Tom was going to do such a great job in Interview with a Vampire but I was proven wrong he did do a great job and it was a very good movie and I agree with the Antonio playing a young french vampire it was kind of weird. But seeing as the 2nd movie SUCKED I would love to see (If it is true about The Tale Of The Body Thief)most if not all of the actors they need in The Tale Of The Body Thief. And as to a comment made about Cruise getting back on the “A” list I cant recall him ever being off of it !

  7. Number 1: Tom Cruise plays Lestat!
    Number 2: Make The Vampire Lestat into a film with Tom Cruise!
    Number 3: Remake the Queen Of The Damned with Tom Cruise and actually stick to the book and have all of the characters and not make bits up!
    Number 4: Then if The Vampire Lestat and Queen Of The Damned are fantastic like Interview With The Vampire which they bloody should be-make The Tale Of The Body Thief!!!

  8. Am I the only one that thinks “Memnoch the Devil” Would be a really good choice for a movie adaptation? Having read it several times, I thought to myself “this could make an excellent film”! Also I agree with Whimsical 101. Tom Cruise IS Lestat! Also Blackwood Farm & Blood Canticle are good choices.

  9. I have read ‘ALL” of Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles; as well as the Mafair witches. I felt that although Tom Cruise didn’t physically depict the character Lestat 100%, he did an incredible job portraying the character! The Queen of Damn was a complete diaster! It butchered the book’s storyline (which was far more interesting) and not having the original cast was truly disappointing. I think the next sequel should be “Lestat”. It introduces his mother Gabriel, his connection with Armand and The Theatre of Vampires, Marius, etc. I would truly be disappointed that Tom Cruise would not be casted as Lestat for Anne Rice herself loved his performance of her beloved character Lestat.

  10. Were they not considering Rutger Haur for the first film? Or was he just Anne’s pick? IDK…But who really cares if Tom Cruise is a nutjob. I dont go to the movies to judge the actors lives. I go to enjoy cinema. I could care less how crazy he is as long as the movie is entertaining. And no, he is not a near forgotten actor. How could you forget him. One of the better actors of the last 20 years. Also is antics keep him far from forgotten. They may push some people away, but they also attract others. Quite honestly I havent met anyone in person who would denounce his movies just for their own moral judgement on others. Who gives a damn people. Also Tom Cruise looks hella young for being 46. IMO he doesnt even look 40. And Jude Law? He looks even more of a weiner than we thought Tom would when Interview came out. Remember Lestat is suppose to be a somewhat bigger man than the likes of Tom, Stuart, and definitely Jude Law. But the looks are the last thing I would worry about. Tom’s age will be fine if the movie gets off the ground within the next two years. But all that said I wouldnt hold your breath.

  11. Interview with the Vampire is by far one of the best vampire movies ever made, in my opinion. I enjoyed Tom cruise’s portrayal of Lestat very much. I have read many of Anne Rice’s books and I think Tom Cruise did a very wonderful job of capturing the character.

    I thought Queen of the Damned was also a bit disappointing as far as, it did not exactly follow the book, but that is alright. It seemed it was done more like a rock video than a classic film, but it was fun to watch.

    I have to admit my alligeance is with Tom Cruise and Interview with the Vampire. He has already proven he can play Lestat very well, and age is no difference. I know with the right script and crew behind him, they all can pull off another wonderful classic Vampire film, which we so desparately need. Hopefully it will come about and I will be first in line to see the tale of the body thief if it happens. And finally once again the Vampire will be the top movie monster once more.

    1. Kudos to you, good sir, for expressing your opinion simply and without trying to look like an intellectual or movie critic. I agree…a Body Thief movie would be awesome.

  12. Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire WAS Lestat.If you’ve read the books, you can almost taste that its him.Tom Cruise in TheTale of the Body Theif would also be amazing.This book has a lot of emotion and im sure they can bring it to life on film, unlike Queen of the Damned, which was not my favorite book to movie film.

  13. for those who don’t think that Queen of the Damned wasn’t that bad. They completely left out Louis, fused two characters together to make one (Marius doesn’t make Lestat, Magnus does.) 4/5 of the movie is a butchered version of The Vampire Lestat and that last 15 minutes is Queen of the Damned. The guy who plays Armand doesn’t look like him, nor do you even know it’s him. Pandora dies. I think I made my point.

  14. I think they need to forget the made Queen of the Damned (since they butchered the book) and make THe Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned and follow the book this time. They need to do this before the do Tale of the Body Thief.

  15. I love the way people use Tom Cruise’ first name as if they’re on that sort of basis with the guy.. But aside from that I have to say I agree with, for example, Katherines views, even if they were portrayed a little overzealously. :)

    The point is that being talented as an actor doesn’t mean you have to the perfect human being. Being a ‘whackjob’ is perfectly acceptable as far as I’m concerned. Good on him in fact. It’s good that some people still have some originality left in their souls.

    I hope he reprises the role, I really enjoyed the sardonism of his Lestat. That said though, even if he doesn’t I’m just looking forward to another installment in the Chronicles movies.

  16. Wow Katherine. That was…. different.

    Tom is a fine actor. I have often enjoyed his films. But you cannot deny that his public appearances and interviews he is more often than not a complete lunatic. He has some world views that make you wonder if he is from this planet.

    Sounds to me like you are hardcore into Scientology because anyone who is not following that vague crap he spouts about can see that nothing he says makes sense. The man claimed he could fly… I dont need to say more.

    But one last thing Katherine, what exactly do you plan on doing that would be “a lot of trouble” should they not cast Tom Cruise as LeStat?

    Just sayin.

  17. HI There,
    First off I must say to the People who say Toms Not good,Or that!! I have had ENOUGH OF YOU PEOPLE!!! WHO THE HEL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? HUH?? You have NO right to Judge Tom…Do you know him? NO? I though Not,Not with the way you act..Do You know what Toms been through in his life? Do you really know how,Or what he feels? And Why?
    Tom’s Got more a heart then most people no days,And thats the truth..He helps people out,He’s saved lives..He’s honest..Are you?
    If you don’t have something nice to say,Then Shut up!!! And quit Judging people,Unless YOU Are In THIER shoes!! YOu got that??
    Tom Cruise WILL ALWAYS be Lestat for me,NO ONE ELES!!! If you like Stuart,Then I say,YOU ARE NUTS!! He’s a damn Loser..He can’t do anything right… I sure Hope this is damn True about Tom Cruise coming back.No one can do it but HIM,NO ONE!!!!!!
    And i’m going to do whatever it takes to get Tom back..Thats what you call a REAL FAN!!! I don’t do, Queen of the shit..And i won’t do that crap ever!!! it’s nothing.. And if you people would listen,Anne Rice is pissed about Queen of the shit,, What you don’t believe me?? I have asked her Excuse me..So I KNOW!! Ask her youself If you won’t or Can’t Believe the Truth when it’s right in Front of
    They BETTER Pray & Hope it’s Tom Coming back. Or I’m GOING TO CAUSE ALOT OF TROUBLE!!

  18. honestly, i like cruise in interview with the vampire,he played lestat VERY well, and if you dont agree, well, thats your opinion, i personally didnt like queen of the damned for the plot, if it was supposed to be that substance-less then ya, it was good, it was sexy, and the lestat in it was sexy too, and the music was amazing, but if they DO make this movie, i couldnt think of anyone else to play lestat, Tom is a nut, Ya, but guess what? sos lestat, hes amazingly off balance, and thats what these films need, PLUS this way lestat will actually have blonde hair.

  19. Sadly Kat, some people cannot differentiate from the personality and the actor. His acting skills have never been in question. There is a reason he was a big star.

    Unfortunately, as you have clearly illustrated, some people are content to throw out the baby in the bathwater because of their public lives.

  20. What’s wrong with you people?!?! Tom did good as Lestat only because he wasn’t quite as nuts back then as he is now. Other than that, he’s a horrible actor! And I think Stuart did Lestat justice irreguardless of the lack luster film. I hope they get anyone but Tom to play Lestat. I’d even settle for John Goodman as Lestat over Tom. Yuck!

  21. I’m really psyched for this one. I’m a HUGE vampire fanatic and I’ve been hoping that a good vampire movie will come out soon and *ta-da*! One of Anne Rice’s books is about to become a movie yet again. I totally agree with everything you said, Mykrantz. Cruise was a really good actor for Lestat (waaay better than Stuart Townsend in “Queen”) and his acting is excellent, despite how he is in the real world. Although unfortunately it does, how he is as a person shouldn’t affect the way people see him as an ACTOR. I really hope they make the movie nonetheless, whether Cruise will be Lestat or not. I highly prefer it, though. As Derren said, makeup will help make him look like the good ol’ Lestat again ^-^

  22. Even so the discussion is not the freshest anymore I still can’t keep my mouth shut, just ran into it right now.
    Cruise was fine 13 years ago, he isn’t nowadays, not for Lestat, no! To old, to start with the most obvious! The character Lestat has the body features of a 22 years old youth, only that fact of quite a few others is against Cruise. You need tons of special effect magic to make him look that young again! I truely love the complex and ambivalent figure of Lestat, read all the books many times and would hate another movie that’s just produced to support a doubtful carrier-boost, be it the beginning of a carrier -like Townsent in awful Queen of the damned- or the suspected end of it!
    Cruise never was “my” Lestat I admit (starting with the physical features, false blonde hair that did not fit Cruise’s rather darkish type at all, his looks had been all wrong for the role! Brat Pitt as Louis, also not one of my favs, was much better in terms of looks!) though I got away with Cruise in Interview, he did the job ok.
    Nowadays best actor for Lestat -if I may make a suggestion- is IMHO Jude Law! He represents nearly everything the novel character has and which is essential for th role: Right age, boylike charme yet a “dark background” on the face, beauty, very special expressiv eyes (as Lestat is described with), he is a fair/blonde type, he does carry pride, vanity, he is a perfect Dandy, yet he can be extremely sensitiv and deep! Plus he does have some French looks on his face, too and he is an amazingly brilliant actor! Some Jacques Brel-rebel Charme…, well that’s Belgium… but you know what I mean! ;-)

    No, please NOT Cruise, I would live in pain with this decision!
    Even so I long for a new movie on the Vampire Chronicles of Rice, a PROPER one! And “Body Thief” is one of my absolute favourits together with the second book!
    Oh, if they only would stop producing crap over there and do some more artworks in Hollywood! *sigh*

    1. Just accept the fact that most of the more prominent movie companies are interested in what sells and what makes money, not artistic expression or even true-to-literature screenplays. If they go the route of trying to satisfy every single movie-goer, especially globally, they won’t stay in business long enough to do anything and then where will the money go? We’ll be back in the dark ages of the silver screen and I for one don’t relish the idea. I LIKE modern cinema, thank you.

  23. Rodney

    I have to disagree with your “near forgotten actor” characterization of Mr. Cruise. I don’t know how you can say “most people have forgotten he’s still acting”. I highly doubt that. I do believe that people may not respect him as an actor as much, but it’s preposterous to think people have forgotten about him as an actor. That’s all he does! He’s not know for anything else outside of making himself look like an ass last year. He’s still only recognized as an actor, albeit a crazy one…

  24. Hey Sean, sorry about that. It was in the script and a direct link (as it has been corrected) but no linkable text so it was an overlooked a href with nothing for you to click on!

    Fixed now.

  25. Tom Cruise as Lestat was painful as was a good portion of Interview With a Vampire. I can’t even sit through the movie anymore. I really hope this is a rumor.

  26. Tom Cruise totally impressed me with how well he actually played Lestat in Interview with the Vampire.

    The way Body Thief is written is more more of a stand alone story, like Interview was. It should make a good movie. I still like Tom Cruise, even if he is a flake in real life. He always does the characters he plays justice, and Lestat was one of my favorite roles he has played.

  27. Hey Rodney, I think you forgot to credit your source for the story (wink wink).

    I totally believe this rumour, because Tom Cruise is looking for anything to get him back on top right now. And I agree with Darren — with a bit of makeup Tom Cruise will look just fine.

  28. When I used the phrase “near forgotten actor” it was not a mistake. Most of the publicity revolves around Cruise the person, and most people have forgotten that he is still acting.

  29. I think calling Cruise a ‘near-forgotten’ actor is a mistake…He’s still one of the most talented and charismatic actors around.

    I honestly think the last few movies in his career have been major successes, considering they’ve been smartly planned ‘damage control’ films. Just to let him prove his acting chops, rather than flashing an overconfident smile …

  30. If you look at early seasons of Angel you will notice just how YOUNG Boreanaz looks, and he aged despite being an immortal vampire.

    These things are forgiven in tv and hollywood. We can already see how well it went recasting Lestat for Queen of the Damned (at least for the part of Vampire Lestat they wrote into that script) So I see no reason Cruise cant do this again.

    Interview was great, and Tom in it. I have always thought he was a good actor, just not a good (likeable) person from what we see.

  31. Cruise is a good actor “wackjob” or not and only when people stop playing these “hollywood elite” games and focus on talent rather than personal lives will people realize that. Cruise did a great job as Lestat in Interview and if this story is true then i have no doubt that he’ll be good again!

  32. I think Cruise, should he reprise LeStat, will be fine. He was in makeup, wasn’t he? As for “Queen Of The Damned”‘sStuart Townsend in theory, gets away with it in the recasting (part of ‘Vampire Lestat’ was also mixed in with the Queen adaptation, if folks read the intro pages of Lestat, you’ll know what I mean by the part “had” to be recast) But don’t get me wrong. I loather the film, I didn’t care much for it especially concerning that overrated lass who acted with her mascara- the late Aliayah who had the personality of a mildewed wood board.

  33. Although I would like that to be true and enjoyed Cruise very much in this part the first time around, I doubt there is some truth behind this.
    After all, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE was made 14 years and even Cruise is not getting any younger.

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