CALM DOWN! Katherine Heigl Did Not “Slam” Knocked Up

Heigl-Bash-KnockedHoly crap. It’s crazy how we (and I seriously mean “WE”, because we all do this sometimes… me included) can sometimes take one statement made by someone, and build an entire thesis about them. Take today’s uproar over a statement made by Katherine Heigl, who was the co-star with Seth Rogen in Knocked Up.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Heigl said 98% of the movie was an amazing experience, but that it was a “little bit sexist” in parts. Ok… do we have that…. she 98% LOVED the movie, but had one criticism for it. We clear on that?

Today, I read no less than 4 other websites (all run by cool people who are either friends of mine or that I at least know and highly respect) running posts about how Katherine Heigl is an ungrateful traitor, or a hypocrite, or forgetting where she came from. Can you believe it?!?!

All she basically said was that the movie wasn’t perfect. She says 98% was an amazing experience, had one criticism for the film… and people are jumping all over her for it??? Calm down folks. Heigl did not “SLAM” or “BASH” Knocked Up.

I don’t hear people calling George Clooney ungrateful when he mentions Batman as a low point for him. Someone asked her an honest question… the movie has already come out in theaters and on DVD so she can be open with her thoughts on it… and she says she 98% loved it. Is that the new definition of “BASHING” and “SLAMMING”?

You can agree or disagree with Heigl’s opinion (personally I disagree with her assessment) but she was hardly bashing the movie.

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