Arrested Development Movie Still Alive?

It’s one of several shows in recent history that was one of the best on TV… and yet no one watched it. Arrested Development has one of the most loyal followings I’ve ever seen for a show. It re-introduced us all to Jason Bateman and showed us his true potential for being able to lead and carry a project, and it was the coming out party for Michael Cera who has since exploded (catch him in the new film that’s already getting some serious Oscar buzz “Juno”).

Ever since the show went off air, the fans have hoped for, prayed for and speculated about the chance for an Arrested Development movie. Thus far all rumors and hopes have been pretty much dashed. BUT NOW… Jason Bateman is flaming those hopes and prayers. MTV talked with Bateman who said this past week he spoke with Arrested Development director creator Mitchell Hurwitz and said that the hopes for a movie are still quite alive and well.

The angle was, that since the writers strike prevents all WGA members from writing things they’re getting paid for, it is leaving Hurwitz with the time to start developing an Arrested Development movie.

Instead of trying to describe it all… just check out Bateman talking about it himself:

15 thoughts on “Arrested Development Movie Still Alive?

  1. i know its been old news… but…

    Id love to see this show become a movie, i think they could get more creative with it and make it become more twisted in humor… the originality of the characters are just too much for regular cable… buster by far the best character to ever be created… gob is just a laugh riot with him not being so bright and understanding things so literally… i wish them all the luck trying to re-tap the shows success for the big screen… if you need to know where to find it go to for the full seasons shown in good quality streaming t.v.

  2. i’ve got to say this show was amazing… i love how the humor is smart, yet anyone can get it :D
    and i definitly think the show could come back and continue… all they need is some proper marketing because the reason know one watched it was because no one knew about it…
    maybe if they do a really kick ass job on the movie they might spark some interests and be able to start up again!!!

  3. PLEAAAAASE LET THIS MOVIE HAPPEN, AND THEN PLEASE BRING BACK THE SHOW,i have all the seasons, and if they made a movie i would probably go to see it multiple times

  4. If they tease me with this then can the whole thing I may need to visit an analrapist to get me through. It’s monday morning and it’s the best I could come up with …C’MON!

  5. Best news of the day. I agree with most that I’d rather see it come back to TV, but I’ll take what I can get. Absoulutely hilarious show. Damn shame it was cancelled.

  6. one of the best sitcoms I have ever seen. what kind of a world is it that we live in where this gets cancelled and according to jim is entering its SEVENTH FUCKING SEASON.

    i would be over the moon if they made a movie of this b ut i also would be cautious…..the show short lived as it was finished perfectly and i would hate for them to fuck it up.

    as long as they didn’t do a reboot if you know what I mean? act as if the series didn;t happen and kind of retell a story from the series rather than continue from where the series left off…if ya know what I mean….

    and if you like david cross i suggest you check out his stand up albums….he is very funny. but don’t bother with his tour dvd….he comes across as a bit of a too cool for school asshole but he is funny nonetheless…..

    and of course there is the majestic MR SHOW- which is fucking awesome/

  7. oh and the chick that played the sister is on another show now I think. Poor David Cross (Tobius) tho….my favorite character in the show. He never seems to have any luck with movie roles. I think I saw him in a trailer for Alvin in the Chipmunks.

  8. I agree I wish it would come back with more seasons. But would they want to? I mean, 3 of the stars are having a pretty good movie career now (Jason Bateman, Will Arnet, and Michael Cera). I’m perfectly happy with a movie.

  9. This show was so awesome…I always laugh. I was truly sad when it was canceled. Though I’m not big on TV shows becoming movies I would totally go see this.

  10. I thought it was such a hilarious show and wish so much that it was never canceled. I do however, wish that instead of making a movie they would just continue with the TV show. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  11. what a great show… i loved it, i think it’ll be better if they come back but to television, anyway it was an excellent show.

  12. I wish I wish I wish. Best show ever on TV. I bought all the DVDs and I got my family to watch them and they loved it too. So I got it a few more fans!

  13. I would like it to happen. Even if it does, hopefully it doesn’t suffer the same fate that Serenity didn’t deserve.

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