Toronto After Dark Film Festival Coverage

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival was a festival I first experienced last year, and could not believe how fun it was. This year, I was more than excited to cover the film festival which had now 14 feature film premieres from the Horror and Fantasy genre, a great compilation of international and Canadian shorts, (*my fave being “Zombie Jesus”) and two amazing gala parties. (Note: There are no pictures from the opening gala, due to the fact that yours truly had WAY too many free ‘Jagermeister’ shots handed to her from her “loving” friends.)

This year did not disappoint, for I now have many great memories from the fest. I met new friends, and got to connect with old ones, I had my first experience of almost throwing up in a theatre due to a TROMA movie, got to see many innocent bystanders get chased by a herd of zombies from Toronto’s infamous ZOMBIE WALK and I got to meet the one and only, Uwe Boll. (Who by the way is a funny mofo if you ask me!)

Although I wasn’t able to cover all the films, (I missed out on fan favorites ‘Blood Car’ and ‘Alone’) I thoroughly enjoyed myself at each screening at the great Bloor Theatre, and I’m so glad that I was once again invited to experience a film festival that is way more fun than any formal film festival I’ve been to.

I’d like to thank Adam Lopez, Todd Brown and the wonderful contributors to The Toronto After Dark Film Festival for the hard work and dedication that was definitely shown at the fest. It’s because of you guys that I will definitely be more eager to cover next year’s events.


Lights, Camera, EAT!

People standing in line to see Poultrygeist…I wish I didn’t eat before the movie

Standing in the cold with the great Kurt Halfyard from Twitch

My best friend Natasha and I at the ‘In the Name of the King’ screening

Serena-Uwe: The one and only Uwe Boll everyone!

Aww…don’t they make such a cute couple?

TROMA!! Film director Lloyd Kaufman with his Troma crew

Festival director Adam Lopez and female zombie handing out prizes

Two very “enthustiastic” zombies

Chilling out with Movie Patron founder, Andrew Olsen. (Going to miss you man!)

Hanging out with festival director, Adam Lopez (LOVE THIS GUY!)

Which one of these people don’t belong?

Hanging out with Adam and Bishop from Renerd.Com at the Bovine Sex Club

Chilling with Editor of Chief of Rue Morgue Magazine, Rod Gudino at the closing gala

(John’s note. Sorry for getting this post up late guys. There was a bit of wire crossing here. Serena needed me to get the pictures up and obviously this has been a bit of a hectic week.)

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