The Movie Blog Acquired By The PeerFlix Media Network

Hey there guys. Just a bit of in house business to deal with here.

As most of you know by now, I have sold The Movie Blog… and since the story broke on TechCrunch last night, I’m safe to let you all know that the company that stepped up to the plate after our deal with ComingSoon fell apart was the PeerFlix Media Network. The PeerFlix Media Network is a new venture and direction for the already established PeerFlix company. They explained to me their vision, and we loved it.

I’ll take any questions you guys have about this deal, but let me address some of the ones that will probably come at me here first:

Earlier this year I came to the belief that I had taken The Movie Blog as far as it could go by myself. I lacked the resources and manpower to take things to the next level, and since I believe that once something stops growing, it starts dying, I decided to start looking for other options either for The Movie Blog or for myself.

Peerflix now owns the site, but they insisted that I maintain total creative control. So essentially, what you see on The Movie Blog is still controlled by me (be afraid).

It’s hilarious how many times I’ve been asked this question already! I can 100% guarantee you that Doug Nagy is not, nor will ever be censored… unless he censors himself (which I hear he’ll do once in a while at the occasional wedding or funeral).

Right now we’re here until at least the end of 2009… however… the intentions of both Peerflix and myself is to conquer the universe together, so our goal is to be here indefinitely.

There are a LOT of benefits for The Movie Blog with this deal. First of all it gives us a team of people who will look after the technical and business aspects of the site for me. That’s HUGE to me. There are some brilliant minds at PeerFlix that will take good care of us in that regard. Second, we now actually have an operational budget… that means money we can use to do things with and for the site! YAY! Thirdly, I’ve been able to bring Doug Nagy back on staff as a full time writer/podcaster (he’ll also be here until at least the end of 2009 and probably beyond). Forth, Doug and I will be relocating to Los Angeles in January with the resources now available to us to develop our podcasting and video shows. Fifth, it gives us a team of people behind us to help and support us, something we’ve never had before.

Oddly enough no. Doug and I are both in San Francisco at the moment where we’ve been spending the last couple of days with the PeerFlix team… and I’ve gotta tell ya… we’ve been having a WICKED time. These guys are 100% committed to the success of The Movie Blog. And since I’m Canadian and they bought us drinks, by law that means we have a life bond with them now. These guys are awesome, and I’m not kidding when I tell you that both Doug and I are VERY excited about working with them. We owe them a lot.

I don’t think so. There will be ads… but there have always been ads on The Movie Blog. As most of you may have noticed, I’ve been phasing the ads out (interstertial ads are gone… google ads are now gone… sponsor links are now gone… in the next couple of days the last ads will be gone). So there will be PeerFlix media ads… but no more than we’ve always had in the past.

In several ways. 1) More posts, 2) More podcasts, 3) More video, 4) More Doug, 5) More Serena 6) Free Jessica Alba sex robots for everyone (still negotiating this one with PeerFlix).

Tomorrow. As I mentioned, Doug and I are in San Francisco at the moment just wrapping up meetings and we fly back to Canada tonight. Tomorrow morning we go back into full production mode, including a video review of Beowulf which we saw here at a screening last night.


Like I said, I’m totally willing to take questions that I didn’t cover above, so just leave those in the comments section and I’ll address them. So onward and upward. The deal is done. The papers are signed, and now we move forward!.. Cheers!

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74 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Acquired By The PeerFlix Media Network

  1. Hey just a gentle request for the Transformers commentary recording:

    Please figure out a way to match the beginning of the commentary to the beginning of the film as accurately as possible.

    In the past it’s been quite the pain trying to pause and juggle the iPod and DVD just so I won’t get laughs on the commentary before something happens on screen, etc.

  2. With question number 8, you listed six benefits for Movie Blog readers. I just wanna mention that I think I’ll be needed two of number six. Like a little kid on Christmas, I’ll probably wear through the first one in a hurry. I’d like a second to keep in good condition. You know, for show.


  3. Hey Stormy70

    That’s how The Movie Blog has always been funded, how I’ve been full time with it for over 2 years now.

    Yes… there really is money in online advertising. :)

  4. Phil Gee that poem was a masterwork, and I am very grateful for your prose.

    Miles, my girlfriend is a nice lady and because of this, she is quite understanding. I will spend a few months in LA and then be back in Canada for a few months so It will be tough, but she wants me to do this and as an entertainer it is simply the nature of the beast.

    That being said i will miss the great white north and it will be difficult to be away from the pleasure witch and the fabled Rose City

  5. will the writers stay the same or are peerflix adding more writers?
    We are keeping our writers. PeerFlix leaves all site related issues to me and will not be adding their own writers.

    What about Darren and Bruxy?
    When we’re in Canada they’ll still be involved, and will participate via skype when we’rein LA… but not as regularly as they do now.

    will you be moving back and forth between LA and Canada because of visa limits?
    We’ll be going back and forth.

    So if The Movie Blog were a newspaper, are you the reporter or the editor? Is “creative control” the same as editorial control?

    I’m in control with everything that has to do with the site. My will is absolute and my word is law! Muuwhahahaha!

  6. So where’s the promised Transformers commentary…
    And just out of curiosity… how can you pay two guys or whatever… with just ads? I just don’t get it. Not just on this site, with other sites too.
    I mean, you get (a little) money if someone CLICKS on an ad, right? Who clicks on ads??

  7. This news totally cheered me up. Congratulations John. BUT, even more so.. congratulations doug!!! You are no longer a bum, but a professional bum. One question:

    Q: Doug: will Canada be holding a day of national holiday to celebrate the day they stopped having to fund your ass? Or will it be a day of national mourning that they will be losing such a talented star to LA!? Either way I think “Doug Day” should be introduced.

  8. Yey Congrats to you John! I’ve only visited your site once again because I was thinking maybe themovieblog might be back and I was right! Yey! Can’t wait for all the new stuffs that you guys are gonna throw at us! =) Go movieblog! =)

  9. So if The Movie Blog were a newspaper, are you the reporter or the editor? Is “creative control” the same as editorial control?

  10. I wish I had known you bastards were in San Fran, I would have bought you guys a drink and probably a male hooker ( I mean c’mon, it’s San Francisco)

  11. LA??!? Aw, John… I loved it that you were based in the Hammer, a town that I still hold near and dear to my heart. You were “one of us”, but it’s like you’ve become “one of THEM”.

  12. I’m happy to see that you sold it to a company that knows about movies, and that is where their heart and soul is. I’m happy that The Movie Blog is here to stay, and I hope things will just keep getting better for the site, and you guys as well.

  13. I guess peerflix will give you some lawyer support incase a studio tries to shut down the blog because you gave away to much info or released some photos to early?

  14. I guess peerflix will give you some lawyer support incase a studio tries to shut down the blog because you gave away to much imfo or released some photos?

  15. I actually think John and Doug have realized their gay feelings for each other and are moving to LA to be closer to San Francisco should they ever want to make the next step in their relationship.

  16. Dear John and Doug (and Serena),
    This may sound dorky, but you all totally rock. This news is so incredibly awesome and inspiring I just had to say it.

    John – no more worrying about technical issues? Sweet! This is what every blogger dreams of!

    And you guys are moving to Los Angeles? Cool! One word: networking!

    This story has ‘The Movie Blog: The Movie’ written all over it! Awesome news and congrats!

    – David

  17. did you see beowulf in 3D or standard?

    this thing is getting raves … i am fucking stoked to see it now although I still find the motion capture thing creepy…their dead eyes creep me the fuck out….

    but I can’t wait to see it

  18. Since you’re moving to LA, does this mean Darren and Bruxy will not be joining you on the podcasts as often? Will we eventually lose their constant presence?

    Will you become a dual-citizen of the U.S. and Canada due to this move, or will you be moving back and forth between LA and Canada because of visa limits?

    When are you expecting things to work out or not with NowLive?

  19. Oh yes, i almost forgot. I actually wrote a song for the last ever post for TMB back when we though it was leaving us forever. With a little tweaking, i would like to share it with you.

    The song is called ‘Welcome back Movie Blog’ and the lyrics should be sung to the tune of the Annie Lennox song ‘Into the West’ from LOTR:ROTK:

    Chris Tucker is a tit.
    Snakes on a plane,
    and Spidey 3 were shit.
    Meg’s dead,
    Mel Gibson hates the jew.
    and then we found out,
    they were gonna make Crank 2.

    So many rants,
    so many memories we’ve had.
    Although some thought,
    movie podcasts were just a fad.
    When we are old,
    we will remember….

    You has good friends,
    who’d fuck a squash,
    because they lost a bet.
    And Wicker Man,
    is really boring,
    so says the word of John.

    And Lazerbeak,
    where did he go?
    Will Iron Man get drunk,
    how will we know?

    Road House,
    Doug loves it very much.
    And the MPAA,
    we think they’re out of touch.
    Gay roles,
    all the dew on the grass.
    John’s playing warcraft,
    but i think it’s gonna pass.

    How did Supes get a kid,
    it’s fucking cockshit.

    Where’s Odin’s goats,
    i just see storm clouds,
    and the space ship Mexico.
    I hear Crom cry,
    steel isn’t strong,
    but TMB won’t die.

    Not coming soon,
    all over your face.
    The boys are in LA,
    welcome back,
    my movie blog.

    I hope you like it. It took me at least ten minutes to write that;)

  20. Even if you guys don’t get to work in the field that motivates you the most (Scifi). I personnaly like this outcome a lot more than you closing down the movie blog.

    Since you got a 2 year deal with them I can see The Movie/TV Show/Music/Animation/Theater Blog become a massive network of opinion sites on entertainment.

  21. Most excellent news – congratulations (again)!
    I’m hugely excited that TheMovieBlog will not be riding off into the sunset. Can’t wait for the podcasts to start up again….they are a welcomed distraction during the work day.

    Sooo…moving to LA…like we need more people!!! =P

  22. sweet! that transformers commentary should be gold…….nagey still uncut, even better……congrats on the upgrade gio… much did they buy it for……oh and wheres my alba sex robot???

  23. NNNNnnnnniiiiiiiiccccccccceeeeeee.

    Anyways, will there be Uncut Live today? Also, at the start of the next podcast, can Doug yell, “FUCKING COCKSHIT FOREVER, WE’RE BACK!” Hey, its a family show. Kids can handle this.

    Oh, a Transformers podcast? FUCK YEAH! If Bay was smart, he’d let you guys provide commentary for the next movie. DVDs would sell like crazy in your first step for universal domination!

    Remember kids, The Movie Blog FYM! (

  24. I do not give a fuck about British literature enthusiasts. But what I can tell you is that Beowulf is the most fun I have had in the theater in ages. And it is the best viking movie I have seen to date.

    If you like over the top, non stop machismo than this is the movie for you. Go see it, it is routh as far as I am concerned.

  25. <b>Am I Going to be a Kings Fan?</b>
    Probably yes… just not more than the Leafs

    <b>Films 4 Food Fest</b>
    Yes, there will be one in LA, but no plans for England right now.

    <b>By moving to LA will I become a stereotypical LA douchebag?</b>
    Have your people call my people and ask them.

    <b>Moving to LA Permanently?</b>
    Yes… sort of… hard to explain. We’ll be back and forth, but for the most part we will be based out of LA

    <b>Past Uncut Shows and Commentaries?</b>
    Yes, they all go up this week… and we’re doing a new Transformers commentary this weekend!

  26. all good news, yay! :)

    Oh but I really can’t wait to hear: Beowulf…is it good, bad, amazing, meh? Will it make a British literature enthusiast cry?

  27. Phew, for a minute, i thought it read ‘cleanflix’. I can’t see that being a succesful merger. But i’m very excited about this news.

    John, will your budget allow you to do a films 4 food fest in England now? We want one so very much.

  28. I’m sure the move to LA was due to the falling US dollar, so John and Doug could now buy 2 regular hookers for a loonie instead of sharing a midgit one.

  29. John, one question noone is asking. You were talking about that you wanted to focus more on fantasy and SciFi when you were moving to comingsoon, are you going to make that ‘change’ now?
    Or are you going to be a broad movie blog about ‘everything’?
    Congrats anyway to all of you!
    Are you going to be LA Kings fan in the futre ;)

  30. Congrads guys. You were just a couple of blocks from me -downtown San Fran. I’m sorry we missed each other. Moving to LA huh? A year from now I want to compare the Canadian John with the LA John – will they be the same person?

  31. Hey John, Congratulations!

    My Question is… Will all the past Uncut shows and previously released Commentaries be made available for download again? You said it was planed for the “Coming Soon” change, is this still the case?

    Thanks and keep up the great work

  32. Oh and a final thought,

    Why not have a weekly 3 minute video of Doug ranting about movies. Call it ‘In Your Face’, you better use that name quickly (in any way) or people will be stealing it.

  33. You are relocation to LA? does that mean you are going to be going to showbiz parties which will no doubt turn you into a steriotypical LA smoozer?

  34. It is interesting to watch all of the things that have happened (or more appropriately NOT happened) with The Movie Blog over the past couple of years. Whispered rumours of strange dealings and all. I really hope that, no matter what, you have found a place for your unique views on film, etc, that you are happy with, and it sure seems that way.

    Congratulations and get back to work.

  35. Hey John,

    It’s great to see that you are back here in The Movie Blog (well technically, you never left but that’s just my point of view)

    Q1: Will this still be TMB or are you still going to do the TV podcasts?

    Q2: What do you mean exactly by more videos? You mean more movie reviews, more videos of you guys doing the podcasts, etc?

  36. Hey Frankie J

    The next Podcast will be Sunday night…


    We’re also recording the Transformers DVD commentary Sunday as well… so that should be available Monday for download!

  37. Congrats on the new deal John. Sounds like great things are coming in the future for both you and Doug and look forward to things getting back to normal at TMB.

  38. Thank god ive been shiting bullits thinking about the fate of the movie blog great to hear that its still your baby Gio btw congrates to Doug who finaly has a job and a dame good one too also when will the podcasts be ruynning again?

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