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I’m really looking forward to Solomon Kane for 2 very important reasons. First of all I’m a fan of the whole sci-fi/fantasy genre, and secondly because I’m a James Purefoy fan (ROME, A Knight’s Tale). Not to mention the idea for Solomon Kane sounds kind of cool too:

James Purefoy has been cast as puritan swordsman Solomon Kane in a movie of the same name to be made from the stories of “Conan the Barbarian” creator Robert E. Howard. Kane is a 16th century soldier who learns that his brutal and cruel actions have damned him but is determined to redeem himself by living peaceably. But he finds himself dragged out of retirement for a fight against evil.”

Like Nono (Italian for Grandfather) always said “You can never go wrong with stories of ancient warriors seeking redemption by fighting evil… pass the turkey”


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20 thoughts on “Solomon Kane Poster

  1. I agree, for the most part, that Hollywood scripts should stick closely to the source material. However, that it doesn’t mean this movie will suck. The trailer looks pretty good. It’s no Lord of the Rings, but still, it looks like it will be entertaining.

  2. No, no, no! Queen Elizabeth I was *not* Bess. Solomon Kane hated the queen as she stood against the puritans. He said himself:

    “She herself has lied to and betrayed the folk of my faith…”

    And there is nothing about redemption in Solomon Kane. That and the love interest is what will really ruin the character. As Hollywood always do.

  3. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so) Bruce and Per Plex are right. These hollywooders constantly take someone else’s characters and re-write them. It is sickening. I have LONG been a fan of REH, Edgar Rice Burroughs and numerous other authors, saying the stories I read would make such great movies, if only they were done RIGHT. They never are. As horrible as the 2 Conan movies and the Kull movie were, I’m amazed a studio would touch an REH idea anymore.

  4. If that description is accurate, this will be ANOTHER adaptation made by idiots who haven’t bothered to grasp the essence of the very character they’re trying to portray.
    Actions have damned him? Redemption? Retired? Bull. If you want to make a Solomon Kane movie, make it about Solomon Kane, not some perverted, clichéd, spaghetti western-version of him. Don’t, for God’s sake, let this be another Van Helsing.

    The poster looks OK though, and I love Purefoy (not romantically), so I hope my gut instinct about this one is wrong.

  5. I really love it when some idiot who has never read a book gets to rewrite another authors character. Robert E. Howard wrote the Soloman Kane stories for pulp magazines (Weird Tales?) in the 20’s and 30’s. Kane was a Puritan who also was a warrior (imagine Conan in the 1400’s England with a rapier and matchlocks) who fought with Drake and such for Elizabeth I (Bess) against Spain before becoming a wandering adventuror in Africa and Europe. Retired, not in any of the stories I ever read.

  6. wasn’t Solomon Kane the name of somone in the videogame Driver 2? I hope this is not another one like King Kong or Beowulf . First of all the books were a lot better than the movies, and second of all, how many times will they do a remake before they get it right? All I hear is “oh this director is great” or “this actor or actress is really good” but they keep redoing the movies no matter who plays in them. I went to see King King (the most recent one) because a friend told me he special effects wold be great (they were OK, but not a reason to see this movie). An example of a good movie is Rear Window (which has been redone, but I saw the original) – this has almost no special effects but was a great story. I personally thnk there are no new ideas out there and remakes are just way of keeping people employed. Lets face it, if people didn’t die, then there would be no new audiences, and very little reason to do remakes.

  7. To get a better idea of who Solomon Kane really is I would recommend picking up some of Robert Howard’s short stories. You can read them free here
    The link is to Red Nails. I didn’t see the connection to Grave’s references to this move including “V for Vendetta, Hitman or Constintine.” So That’s why I had added the link above. For those of you who don’t know who Solomon Kane is and want to know and not make assumptions.

  8. James Purefoy was one of the strongest characters in rome and have been waiting for him to star in a deascent film.
    As long as this does not go along the same lines as van helsing and instead go dark,mysterious this should be a great film. fingers crossed!!!!

  9. I hope this is the movie VAN HELSING should have have been.
    The casting of Purefoy is on big step in the right direction. The guy is pure awesomeness.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this.

  10. I think the poster is pretty cool. Funny I never heard of this movie b4. But you know there have been so many story lines like this one that been made into movies. How is it that this one will be set apart from the rest like, V for Vendetta, Hitman or Constintine. One way I think is if they made have of the movie about him being the villian then the rest of the film is of him finding redemtion. Cause for bost films like this you only see at the begining were the protaginist tries to find redemtion then u either see a flash back or hear about how bad he/she was b4.

    1. The differance should be that is Solomon Kane by R, Howard. If you’ve never read Howard you have truely missed an adventure. If they don’t give this film a lot more respect than they gave Conan, I may have to Scream.
      The dialoge in S.Kane stores are vintage pulp and if you can find them Marvel did a six book series of S.Kane that was great. Lets hope the movie is as good as the poster?

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