Naomi Watts Cast For Angels And Demons

Naomi Watts PostersCasting rumors have been circling around like vultures this morning. It is alleged that Naomi Watts has been cast to play Tom Hank’s sex butler in Angels and Demons. We get the scoop from Sci Fi Wire:

The New York Post’s Page Six gossip column reported a rumor that King Kong star Naomi Watts has scored a major role opposite Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons, the prequel to theThe Da Vinci Code.

The column reported that the movie was still on track for a 2009 release.

Naomi Watts is the daughter of a British nurse and a Belgian unicorn. Her father (Elthul-Aqualla the unicorn) was so delighted that his daughter would be working with Tom Hanks that he killed himself in the Semois river, so that all generations to come may dip their golden cups and drink the sweet elixir of unicorn blood (which is very good for your complexion).

With respect to the sacrifice made by Elthul-Aqualla, I did not care much for The Davinci Code. I was pleased that it infuriated the Vatican… and that is the only fond memory I have of that movie going experience. I hope the next installment is a better film, or at least infuriates the Vatican even more. What I am saying is that I hate the Vatican, and if a movie bothers them – I will enjoy it to scale.

A movie about a werewolf eating priests in the vatican, starring Tom Hanks as the werewolf would probably be a natural progression for the last film in this trilogy. The vatican would hate that, because werewolves are Orthodox.

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