Maggie Q Rumored To Be Female Lead In Wolverine

MqIt looks like Hugh Jackman has obtained a love interest for the upcoming Wolverine film. Her name is Maggie Q and she will be playing Silver fox. We get wind of her good news day from IESB:

Today we got a great tip on who is going to bring the Fox to life. One of the most kick-ass girls around, Maggie Q, is the top front runner for the role! We have been told that she is the top choice or may have already been cast to play the Silver Fox.

We have not been able to get confirmation from the studio or her reps over at CAA during this holiday week.

There you go folks! It is not confirmed yet, but Maggie Q seems to fit the character and looks like she can kick some ass if need be. I do not know much about Wolverine’s back story. I was never an avid X-Men reader and Wolverine was near the bottom of my list of “favorites”. I would like to know how some of you guys feel about her casting, those of you that are Wolverine fans – I would value your opinion.

Maggie Q has been throwing down some serious projects on her resume as of late with MI:3, Die Hard 4 (without an audition), and now the one about the Wolverine. This girl may be one to watch out for, it looks like her career is launching like the General Lee!

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9 thoughts on “Maggie Q Rumored To Be Female Lead In Wolverine

  1. For those interested in her background, Maggie Q(uigley) is Irish, Polish, and Vietnamese. She was raised in Hawaii and Hong Kong.

  2. She’s ok for the part of Silverfox.It wasn’t clear for the character if she’s Native American but Silverfox has Asian features when I saw her drawn by Marc Silvestri.Maggie is probably cast for her face value.I don’t mind.She was hot wearing that evening dress at MI3.

  3. Maggie Q is also starring with Hugh and Ewan McGregor in “The List” which comes out on April 25 – it’s about a sex club. So since Hugh is a producer of Wolverine I wonder if he thought of Maggie himself since he’s worked with he before.

  4. dont faith in this one…..didnt like the way they pussified wolverine in the movie and from what ive read im not gonna be happy with this one…..Q is hot (too skinny) and her playin silver fox is kinda cool…..but i dont know…..we’ll see

  5. After reading this, I couldn’t help but think about Anthony Anderson in Transformers, when he sees the 3 claws and says “That’s Wolverine!”

    ….Yeah. Anyway. I think I like Maggie Q. I don’t remember her exact role in M:I3 but I’m sure she was kick ass.

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