25 thoughts on “Harold And Kumar 2 Poster

  1. Did I miss something here?
    Since when is Neil Patrick Harris some kind of cult star? So much that he deserves his own acronym?

  2. lol….prolly one if the best posters ever made…..even more funny if u seen the first one…..NPH is a Lord among men in the movie……coolest gay man ever!…..lol gonna see it?

  3. Dude, that’s OLD NEWS. I know this is not a news site or anything, but this came out like a couple of months ago and was basically all over the net.

  4. I love that poster, fuckin classic.

    It came out over a month ago though.

    Not sure if I’m looking forward to this. I hope its not like the sequel to Deuce Bigalo. The first movie was funny, but then they follow it up with an awful sequel.

    PS. Definately NOT loving the short posts on the site now.

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