Gore Verbinski Talks About Future Pirates Of The Caribbean Projects

Verb-GoreWell we all heard wind that there may be more Pirates movies coming our way, but today Verbinsky actually announces his thoughts on the sequel. We get the word from the horses mouth via movieweb:

Are you planning on doing a 4th part?

Gore Verbinski: I think the trilogy is now complete. All of the stories set in motion by the first film have been resolved. If there ever were another Pirates of the Caribbean film, I would start fresh and focus on the further adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Mr. Verbinsky you have answered correctly. I dislike the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, with each film I descended further into the basement of loathing, and at the end of the journey I was knee deep in sewage. We have talked on TMB:Uncut about the best possible route for the franchise (post trilogy) and the answer was always a Jack Sparrow or Capt. Barbosa standalone film.

Now I am not going to say that I think the new movie will be good. I am most certainly not going to say I am looking forward to it, but I will concede that this is the lesser of all possible evils. If they are able to make a quality movie about piracy – I will be first in line to pump my fist. Lets have less romance, more swashbuckling and see what happens.

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9 thoughts on “Gore Verbinski Talks About Future Pirates Of The Caribbean Projects

  1. I think that the fourth one wont be good unless you keep the four main characters who they are it not the same unless you keep them that way be creative and come up with something i think that you need to keep the romance and the swashbuckling the same Plz dont ruin the fourth one it just ruins them all and i like them all so far their my favorite so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks god for that i relly didnet like teh parents thrilly it was relly stupied. I loved that first one it was a great summere flick and the best pirest moves i have ever seen and when i hered the they were doing part2 and turing it into a trigy i relly excited. When part 2 came out i ran to the theter to see it and i well it was ok it was relly jsuta filler but i still liked it i thouhg part 3 is going ened witha bang well part 3 was shit i hated it. you coud tell were relly ina los of how to do a this movie the who thing was boring they foud captin jakc in a relly stupied way and the ending was jsut ending i have time and time agen i relly think that soud have done themselves a favor and said do we relly have agod movie here. i thing if they had done that than maby all of the actores coud have bin in better movie.

  3. The first one was great but the others you could tell were tacked on…to make is seem like a ‘grand trilogy’, which it was never intended to be. Which is why I think two and three didn’t have the heart the first pirates did.

  4. A quality movie about piracy? Best shoot it in Canada then, ho ho ho; i kid, i kid.

    I’m game for Pirates 4 as long as they get back to the fun of the thing. It amazed me how serious and melodramatic Pirates 3 got. It seemed to totally forget that it’s source material was a theme park ride.

    If only they’d saved Chow Yun Fat’s character for the fourth film so he could be the new villain with his ninja pirate crew racing against Sparrow & Barbossa for the fountain of youth.

  5. I honestly love the resolution of the trilogy. It’s my favorite part of it, how 180 everything has become, yet Sparrow is the constant. They need to get both him, Verbinski, and the writers back if they were ever going to attempt another PotC film. Anything less wouldn’t be PotC and it wouldn’t be any good either.

  6. And here I thought you were enchanted by the “who does she love?” triangle between Depp, Bloom and the skinny chick. You’re not the man I thought I knew, Doug.

  7. The whole affair is a no-brainer.
    Captain Sparrow was the ONLY thing about the “Pirates”-movies that made this thing a hit in the first place.
    NOBODY will go see a PIRATES OF THE CARIBEAN-movie without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.
    So it all boils down to this:
    Will Johnny Depp return to the franchise?
    If he does, they will roll them out and the movies will make buckets of cash.
    If he doesn’t the franchise is dead.

    It’s as simple as that. Never ever before in the history of film has one actor/character defined the success of a franchise that much. Not even Connery as Bond. Maybe Harrison Ford as Indy.
    But you know what? Women didn’t drag their men to see Bond or Indy, but women DID drag their men to see PIRATES OF THE CARIBEAN. Why? Cause they love Johnny Depp! They can’t get enough of him! And that ranges from age 12-50. And guys think he rocks as well. Ask yourself: Would you go see a movie without Johnny as Capt. Jack? No you wouldn’t .
    I think Johnny Depp is generally overrated as an actor (yeah, go on: Shoot me!), but he made this movies giant successes single-handedly.

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