Brad Pitt Leaves State Of Play

Pitt-Norton-State-Play-1This is a damn shame. One of the announced projects that I was REALLY looking forward to was “State of Play“. The film was a political thriller that was going to reunite Brad Pitt and Edward Norton (the two previously appeared together in “Fight Club”).

“In the film, Norton will play a congressman whose rise in politics is threatened by an investigation into the death of his mistress. Pitt is set to portray the journalist who oversees his newspaper`s coverage of the murder and develops a relationship with the politician`s estranged wife. The film is expected to start filming in November.”

But it looks like Pitt has walked off the film over script issues that couldn’t be reconciled. The folks over at Movieweb give us this:

Pitt bowed out of the film early Wednesday, following two weeks of struggle and meetings with director Kevin Macdonald that prevented the film from making its original Nov. 15 production start date.

This was going to be (and still is really) one hell of a cast. Not only was it going to have Pitt and Norton together again, but it also has Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn. Oh well… here’s hoping Pitt and Norton find another project in the future to work together in… that would be sweet to see.