The Ultimate Star Wars Memorabilia Collection…. Ever

Back in ’05, Natasha Eloi from Spacecast here on Canada’s Space Network did a video feature called “It Came From the Basement” where she highlighted a unique Star Wars Toy Collection from Robert Goodwin.

Then just last night while I was watching Smallville there was another featurette about a gentleman named Gus Lopez who runs the Star Wars Collectible Archive online and has a VERY unique home that is completely decorated to illustrate his vast collection.

This guy makes Robert Goodwin look like someone who just happens to have a few Star Wars things around. Gus Lopez was kind enough to send me a link to his home galleries. His ENTIRE home was designed with the intent to show off his collection. There are links to each individual room, themed by the type of collectable. He even has a room dedicated to Star Wars Cereal Boxes. Not kidding.

He has some of the most rare Star Wars collectables in existance. Up to the left there is a replica molded from the original Han Solo in Carbonite prop.

Most often when I see a Star Wars collection, I can say “Hey, I remember that toy. I used to have it” but about 99.9% of his collection is made up of stuff that NO ONE has.

I am a rabidly insane Star Wars fan, but I bow down to the unreachable standard Gus as set in the world of Collectors.

He and his wife also collect Lilo and Stitch stuff, so you may see a lot of that and anime stuff littered among this outstanding pile of Star Wars stuff. Click Here to see the house Gus and Pam call the Boba Cabana

Cheers Gus. The Force is strong in you.

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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Star Wars Memorabilia Collection…. Ever

  1. Glad you enjoyed our house! It was really fun having Natasha over. We’ve had TV cameras in the house before, but she’s a collector too, so not only was she super nice, she’s one of the people who really “gets it” about having a collection.

  2. Wow. WOW. It took me 20 mins just to look at the pictures and if I’d clicked on the links, I’m sure I would have been there for a few hours.

    Just WOW.

  3. Looks like it will be a real bummer when he’s dusting. My girls have loads of stuff on their windowsills and it takes me 20 mins just to move all their crap – dust and then put it back. that’s a nightmare house in terms of cleaning.

  4. I laughed when I read JeFF’s post. I thought the same thing… “Someone REEEEEALLY likes ‘Stitch'”.

    That being said, I think my favorite thing was “Mount Stitch”.

    But, jeez, what a large amount of geek paraphernalia. I mean, I get embarrassed when some people come over and see my single “Justice League” poster in my guest bedroom. But, the dude found his mate. And between the two of them they have more degrees than a thermometer… so what do I know…

  5. I bet this dude still has the Sears Snaggletooth and the recalled Boba Fett Kenner dolls still in the case!

    I didn’t see it, but I wonder if he made his living room or patio, as much as possible, resemble the room Han and Leia stayed in on Bespin…

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