JLA Movie Details: Batman vs Superman

I’ve already mentioned a few times that I have little hope (although at the same time great interest) in the upcoming Justice League movie. I won’t yet again go into all the reasons why I have massive red flags going off about the movie, but still… it’s a comic book / sci fi / fantasy film, so I’ll certainly be there opening day.

Anyway, apparently Entertainment Weekly have gotten their hands on some key plot details for the JLA movie… including mention of Superman and Batman fighting it out. Our friends over at Slashfilm give us this:

The plot revolves around villainous businessman Maxwell Lord and involves cyborgs called OMACs (One-Man Army Corps), who can take over humans and turn them into killing machines. There are epic battles between Superman and Batman, as well as Superman and Wonder Woman.

Ok, now the “plot” itself sounds like pretty standard comic book fare. I feel neither positively nor negatively about it. But the part about that statement that REALLY made me sit up and take notice was that end part about epic battles between Superman and Batman.

It’s no secret around here that the one movie I really have been dying to is a Batman vs Superman film. I think that would be epic on so many levels that I can’t help getting excited even at the thought of it. So are the studio people listening and incorporating a Batman vs Superman sub-plot into the script? That would be beyond cool… although I have very little faith they’d pull it off correctly. Still… to see Batman and Superman fighting it out on the big screen (done well or not) would be damn sweet

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40 thoughts on “JLA Movie Details: Batman vs Superman

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    the dark knight returns begs to be made. solid story, et al. superman, a dupe of the republican ran government, although altruistic. batman, an american, flexing his bill of rights and constitutional muscle. peace.

  2. Here’s my castlist for JLA:
    Batman- Ian Sommerholden
    Superman- Freddy Prinze Jr
    Wonder Woman- either Jennifer Love Hewitt or Megan Fox
    Flash- Seann William Scott
    Green Lantern- Dwayne Johnson
    Aquaman- Justin Timberlake
    Black Canary- Akira Lane

  3. It’s a horrible idea to have the theme of the movie be the heros fighting each other. Yes, Clark and Bruce saw things differently at first, and they argued, but never “fought”. I would rather see a film about the eaely days of the JLA, not just a movie where they are possessed and fought each other. And Batman is my favorite but the only way he would stand a chance against Superman is if he got to that piece of Kryptonite that Clark gave him “just in case”, before Superman got his hands on him!

  4. Why do we keep calling it “JLA” when we know the “A” is going to get dropped soon to make this movie more appealing to the global audience?

  5. I hope you are right. This is just the worng time for this project. With the Nolan and Singer franchises going on, this just feels so disjointed and out of place.

    I will be supremely pissed if Routh, who was an incredible Superman/Clark gets replaced and the Singer franchise scrapped.

    Wait for these two franchises to run their course and then try a JLA or Batman vs. Superman story, not now.

  6. Well, at least I’m glad Lex Luthor is not involved as previously reported But y’know something? I was wondering…who does Green Lantern fight? The Wonder Twins?

    Anyway, I don’t give one care if the “fanboys” get thier wet dreams forfilled or not. The fact of the matter is this is a big mistake with Batman and Superman being involved in the JLA film. I would much rather have them being given ‘honorable mentions’ and have the other characters take a center stage. After all, generally, this is still a ‘Superman vs Batman’ film with everyone else in supporting parts.

    It will go down to the wire; but the The PLUG will be pulled

  7. For those of you who think this movie would not work please got and download or buy the AUDIO BOOK of Infinite Crisis. IT IS FUCKIN’ MINDBLOWING. I didn’t know any DC characters outside of Batman, Supes and the others on the cartoon. I was a firm believer that DC stood for dumb comics. IT DOES NOT. The story is epic and constantly climactic.

    Heroes die and Villians are evil.
    The violence is waaaay more than I’ve ever seen in Marvel
    The story is very memorable


  8. I rented 300 and wasn’t nearly as entertained as everyone was saying it would be. Visually, it was beautiful…of course, but I was kinda amazed at how bored I got in between the fighting. There was a lot more down time than I thought there would be….I was thinking it was gonna be nonstop fighting. The narrator’s voice was also extremely annoying.
    I didn’t enjoy Sin City as much as everyone else either. Mabey I just don’t like Frank Miller’s way of telling a story.

  9. Kryptonite:
    Well, maybe in an “THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS – THE MOVIE”.
    Which I don’t think will ever happen.
    But certainly not in a JUSTICE LEAGUE – THE MOVIE.
    Oh and by the way, you may have enjoyed the ridiculous “Malibu-beachboys dancing around a green-screen in slow-motion” travesty that was 300, I didn’t.

  10. “And remember, DKR may be great, but it’s still a comic book. There’s things that you can get away with in comic books that you simply can’t do in a live-action movie and I would put the confrontation between Supes and Bats in that category.”

    Because, let’s face it, Frank Miller graphic novels are impossible to put on film (*cough* 300 *cough* Sin City)…The Batman/Superman fight from DKR would not only work, but could be the greatest sequence ever seen in a comic book film.

  11. Something about this happeniung without Christian Bale or Brandon Routh has me more dissappointed about a Btman vs. Superman than excited.

  12. Batmans intelligence and resourcefulness… ok resourcefulness aside which being rich he would have. I forgot we are talking about Superman, one of the most advance races in the universe with unlimited technology??? Lets be honest it’s a rediculous concept even for a Superhero movie I dont think it is plausable to do in live action. In the animation world ok you can stomach it but the whole realism card they have played with Batman just wouldn’t work in this movie if he went head to head with Supes.

  13. Hey John,

    I think Henrik above me puts it well.
    Of course I’m familiar with DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, but there’s no way we’re gonna get that kind of scenario in a movie anytime soon, certainly not in a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.
    And remember, DKR may be great, but it’s still a comic book. There’s things that you can get away with in comic books that you simply can’t do in a live-action movie and I would put the confrontation between Supes and Bats in that category.

  14. “Batman having beaten Superman”

    Well… Having the upper hand. If you remember the fight ends with Batman lying lifeless in Supermans arms.

    Besides, like I pointed out, that fight is only possible in a story where Supermans powers are diminished by a bomb, and Batman has access to a helper carrying a whoopty weapon being shot at the exact right moment. Which is way too high concept to get into a Justice League movie. It’s not like Batman actually ever stands a chance, and it is pretty obvious why.

    I don’t get the fascination with them fighting though. I know alot of people lost their comic book virginity to Dark Knight so anything relating to that has a pavlovian response to them, but I’d much prefer something like the Loeb/McGuinnes book ‘Public Enemies’ where they are working together, or even ‘Worlds Finest’ which is what Wolfgang Petersen really wanted to do if memory serves.

  15. *More possible spoilers*

    Also – slybri as far as I remember it’s the other way round. She fights superman because he’s being controlled then kills the guy to stop him. It’s not like she just goes off the deep end.

  16. *possible spoilers*

    Yea – this is ripping one chunk out of Infinite Crisis without any of the other threads. How will they explain Batman’s involvement without going back to the whole Identity Crisis motivation? If they follow the OMAC story faithfully ppl will be wondering why the hell Batman has set up the system to begin with.

    Though the Supes / Wonder Woman / Maxwell Lord incident is sweet.

  17. I hated the whole OMAC saga in the comics. It’s all Batman’s fault and Wonder Woman goes and kills a guy, so Superman has to fight her. The OMACs are kinda silly looking too.

  18. Hey Mozzerino

    Yes, it can be done, and it already has been done with Epic amazing results. I once again point out “The Dark Knight Returns”.

    Part of Batman’s repetiuare is his intelligence and resourcefulness which he uses to his advantage.

    The great ending line of the fight in “The Dark Knight Returns” is classic. Batman having beaten Superman:

    “I want you to remember this Clark. My hand at your throat. I want you to remember… who beat you”.


  19. You know, as cool as a fight Batman vs. Superman sounds in theory, what could it be on screen?
    Batman can’t harm Superman in any way until he brings in the kryptonite, at which point Superman would go down and the fight is over.
    Pardon me, but that doesn’t really sound like an entertaining action sequence to me.
    This two just don’t match in terms of power to make a fight between them believable in live-action. It can’t be done.

  20. I am to JLA what you are to INDY IV, John; won’t believe it till I see pics/footage from the first day of principal photography.

    I still think this is gonna collapse at the zero hour like Wolfgang Peterson’s SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN and the various incarnations of SUPERMAN and BATMAN projects before Singer and Nolan (rightfully) took over.

    At the least, the “No shit, Sherlock” casting choices should have been Routh and Bale…contracts/continuity be damned! And WB didn’t even do that! This project was fucked the moment they made that decision…

  21. “The best thing to do is look up the classic comic “The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller in which the two go at it in EPIC proportions (Batman actually wins).”

    Actually, Batman doesn’t stand a chance in hell (even though Supermans powers are diminished in a pretty ludicrous way.) He gets the upper hand only by as Deus Ex Machina helping hand, coming in without any sort of justification other than a quick note in a box basically going “Yeah. I got that.”

  22. batman is still pretty much human

    superman is practically invicible unless youve got some kryptonite!!!!

    no competition!!!

    batman and spidey would be ace!!

  23. You know what’s funny, with the last Superman movie being so “vanilla”, and the Superman vs. Batman battle finally being played out on screen, whoever plays Superman and Batman in this film could end up being more popular than their latest big screen incarnations.

  24. Well I have always found the Superman vs. Batman scenario rediculous anyway not really interested in it. Really Superman would kick the living shit out of Batman and I like Batman more than Superman.

    The movie I think will be so clutered trying to introduce all the new characters it wont work or a lot of the new supes will have zero character development just cant see it working. Like that will matter I will still be watching it at the cinema anyway and the studios know that so they can make it the biggest pile of rubbish to come out of the movie industry and it will still make them a shed load of cash.

  25. Hey DarkKinger

    You said:

    “Has the damn movie even started producion?”

    No it hasn’t… and it doesn’t need to star production for about another 3 months… most films actually shoot for 4-6 weeks. A larger one like this will probably require 3 months. After that post-production will take anywhere from 5-12 months probably… but that doesn’t matter because the strike won’t effect the post-production process at all.

  26. So, they are using the plot from the arc “Sacrifice” in the Superman comics. Interesting. Still, I’d prefer just Batman vs. Superman without being in JLA. Either way, it seems out of place.

    Let me explain: We all want a Batman/Superman film. Hell, we want those 2 to fight each other. I wished we had that film first, then have a JLA film. But due to the upcoming strike, the studio is desperate in having a high profile movie set up beforehand, facing the possiblitiy of a rushed production. Since we would like Nolan &/or Singer to direct a Bats/Supes movie, I would understand why having George Miller direct, but I don’t know how well he can do a comic adaptation (especially since previously he worked on kids movies). So, now they want to satisfy us by fitting a Batman/Superman fight in the movie, and (to my surprise) they actually looked at the story arc I mentioned above to do so.

    As much as I wish this news gives me hope, there is almost 6-8 months before the strike, so can the film hold together? I have my doubts. Since Neill Blomkamp has annouced that Halo the movie is officially dead, all I feel is either the same will happen to JLA, or it will be finished and sadly becomes a bomb. Has the damn movie even started producion?

  27. “This is a bad idea, Fred”, I say in my best Barney Rubble voice.

    This is basically last year’s major crisis in DC Comics, in which Maxwell Lord took over Superman’s mind and convinced him he was fighting his Rogues, who had just killed Lois, but in reality he was beating the snot out of Batman. In order to free Superman, after getting him to stop beating Batman, Wonder Woman had to go KILL Maxwell Lord. Upon Lord’s death, the OMACs were released on the world and then we come to find out this all came full circle since Batman developed the OMAC to help stop rogue superpeople

    This is way too complex a story to introduce us to Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, so if this is true, I do not expect this to be a good movie

  28. Hey Hotmale,

    It’s not stupid at all that Batman and Superman would fight. They are both “good guys” yes… but they are also both totally opposite from each other.

    Batman would break every bone in your criminal body to get important information out of you and remove all your teeth. Superman wouldn’t do that at all, believing it is for the proper system and authorities to deal with you.

    Superman would try to stop Batman from “breaking the law”, and Batman isn’t going to be told what to do by anyone… conflict ensues.

    This is basically the scenario with “The Dark Knight Returns”. I HIGHLY recommend running out and grabbing it.

  29. Hey, thats funny. I was up early for once on Saturday and I watched that new Batman cartoon “The Batman”. Batman fought Superman because Supes was under Lex’s control due to some kryptonite thingy. Batman won with the help of Robin (of course). I’m guessing that either Batman or Superman comes under some sorta of mind control? Which sounds stupid for a movie. If not, it just seems like a stupid idea that a good guy would fight another good guy. But still I think it is stupid because Superman could just crush Batman in a second. Makes no sense to me…

  30. Hey Tr0n

    The best thing to do is look up the classic comic “The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller in which the two go at it in EPIC proportions (Batman actually wins).

  31. I’ve never been a big comic book guy so can someone please explain to me how batman could last more than half a second against superman? Isn’t superman kind of unbeatable unless there’s kryptonite involved? Not trying to rag on anyone’s fav heros here just want to know how they could actually achieve a credible battle coz I think this movie has some potential to not suck.

  32. Whoa. Did I read that wrong, or is Superman is gonna fight Wonder Woman? Oh man, I can hear the outcry now……”So truth, justice, and the American Way involves beating up WOMEN?!”

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