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One of the sweet things about running The Movie Blog is that everyday readers send me some of the coolest stuff. Marco just sent me this picture that sums up the frustrations of a lot of DVD owners. Check it out:


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17 thoughts on “Anti-Anti Piracy Ads

  1. not only do these ads tick me off, but any ad that appears on a dvd; especially the dvds you bought. like some collectors editions.

    but the real ‘issue’, if you will is the fact you can’t skip the fbi warning, or the studio logo, or sometimes the trailers. hitting menu doesn’t work, sometimes skipping doesn’t work, sometimes fast forwarding doesn’t work. it’s a crap shoot!! i hate it! it’s like some ‘watching’ tax i gotta pay some asshole somewhere.

    after all these years of watching movies at home, we practically have the friggin’ fbi warning memorized. (at the end of the credits on some more recent dvds you can see the old-ripped-from-a-vhs fbi warning crawl!!)

    ..raging over.

  2. I own many legal copies of DVD’s most will not let me skip this shit. And if they do anything for me all they do is make me think I wish someone near me sold piret copies. They waste my time on a movie I paid for. the same can be said of going to the movies. The advert is usless since those who will piret are going to those who want quality will buy the copy. At least the ads on TV help reduce its operating cost. and hey diaper guy every one gets older some time.

  3. Not every ad out there is targeted at you, so deal with it. These anti-piracy ads are targeted at people who might think about piracy, are actually doing it or are participating in it in some way.

    The people who get upset at these kinds of ads probably are insulted by anti-drug or anti-crime ads too. Do you guys get upset about feminine hygiene product ads? “Hey! I don’t use those! What are those ads on the TV for?” :P “Hey! I don’t use adult diapers!” (But eventually you will.) hehe

  4. One of the benefits of running a home theatre pc instead of a DVD player is I run a program that sits in the system tray called AnyDVD. This has an option to “Skip annoying adverts and trailers” & jumps straight to either the menu or main film when I put a disc in.

    The anti piracy ads are basically poorly targeted. They’re telling people who have bought a product, not to go and get an illegal copy but to go out & buy it. Somewhat unnecessary you’ll agree.

    I just hate unskippable anything. Shrug.

  5. Yeah, these spots are annoying. We have some german versions of those and mostly you can’t skip them on the DVD. It’s the same when you are going to the cinema. In germany there are a lot of commercials shown before the main movie and there alwaya was one of the annoying anti piracy spots. I was always thinking: hey you just paid 10 € to watch the movie. Why they are showing this to me.

    Now there a new campaign in germany. It is not a anti piracy campaign but one chowing why movies are for cinema. This is a good one and unlike the anti piracy spots these new spot are also screened on tv.

    You can find the spots here

  6. thats exactly right.

    I am pretty certain the person who made this ad is pirating. they look for any excuse or reason to justify what they are going to do anyway…

    this ad was made by whiney babies.

  7. Some of them are skippable, some aren’t. Doesn’t bother me. I just mute the TV and go pop my popcorn while it plays. This ad is funny, but I highly doubt that those piracy things would seriously spur someone to pirate more than they already do.

  8. i don’t get the problem people have with these ads…

    i have yet to come across one that I am unable to fast forward through…..or one that is so long to sit through that i consider getting illegal copies…..
    it is the modern day version of a copyright warning… just doesn’t bother me at all….

    people seem to have issues with everything they try to do to stop piracy…..its a 1-2 minute ad….is it really that bad??

  9. I never gave them much thought; I just hit a skip/next button on the remote.
    Still, even though the ads with the wailing guitar (“You wouldn’t steal a car…”) are there, I never found them annoying. I never felt insulted by them.

    Since you say that “many” are, perhaps those folks should simply get over themselves. Seriously. Also, all the Anti-Piracy ads I seen however (mercifully) briefly, I can skip over.

    Yes, that image is somewhat humorous, but I don’t see the problem with it.

    But, as noted, since I skip over them and I bet that everyone else most likely does as well. Hence, they are ineffective. Not as tear-jerking as the theatrical ads a few years back with the production designers anyway….

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