3 More Join Clint Eastwood’s ‘Changeling’

John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan and Colm Feore are three more notable actors who will be joining Angelina Jolie in ‘Changeling,’ a film directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood.

Movieweb gives us a synopsis of the drama based on actual events:

The story follows a woman (Jolie) whose son goes missing in 1920s Los Angeles. The police return the wrong child and the woman is thrown into an insane asylum for disagreeing with the LAPD. When it seems that her real son has been murdered by a child serial killer and the child returned admits to fraud, she takes her case to the city council and takes down the mayor, the police chief and several corrupt officers, concurrently sparking changes in the insanity legislation.

Donovan will play a police captain, Feore the chief of police and Malkovich a reverend.

Wow, this seems like an incredible story and definitely one that needs to be told. I almost found it hard to believe that something like that actually happened. We all know Clint Eastwood has tackled controversial subjects in his films and succeeded in most of his directorial efforts, so I think this film is in good hands. With a cast like that, I find it hard for it to not be a good film. (Although, that’s what I thought for ‘We Own The Night.’ What a piece of crap that was!)

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