Did “I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry” Plagiarize “Strange Bedfellows”?

BedfellowsWith so many movies out there, and so many stories and so many shows… it’s becoming virtually IMPOSSIBLE to come up with something that truly no one has ever done before. I think just about every idea and theme has been used at least once… and that’s not a bad thing. Think of it this way… when was the last time a brand new color was discovered? Well… painters still all use the same colors, and yet can still express through those colors in creative ways. The same is true of movies I think.

BUT… there is a difference between that, and blatantly ripping off another movie. There are some stories going around that “I Know Pronounce You Chuck And Larry” may have done just that. The following is from the folks over at Cinematical:

Apparently Sandler’s actual new movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, might be a rip off of an Australian pic titled Strange Bedfellows, which stars Paul ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Hogan. Bedfellows came out in 2004 and was that year’s biggest Australian production, both Down Under and abroad. Like Chuck and Larry, Bedfellows is about two guys who pretend they’re gay in order to reap financial benefits.

It should be mentioned that at this point no one involved with Bedfellows has seen or commented on Chuck and Larry… but many who have seen both are raising eyebrows about the clear similarities. Since I myself haven’t seen either… I can’t make any sort of informed comment other than to say that just reading the synopsis for both films… it does at least LOOK fishy.

Have any of you guys out there seen either of these films yet? What do you think?

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