Alex Proyas To Direct Dracula Year Zero

DraculaFricken Vampires. I don’t know that I’ve seen a truly great Vampire movie since Lost Boys (although 30 Days of Night looks like to could be pretty solid). Sometimes I get a little sick of the whole “Vampire thing” in movies and TV shows… it’s almost as over done as zombie movies. However, there is something about Dracula that will always catch my attention. I’m not sure why.. but the character has always intrigued me.

New is now coming out that “I, Robot” director Alex Proyas is ready to direct the new Dracula film “Dracula: Year Zero”. The good folks over at Movieweb give us this:

The film is just one of many Vlad projects that are currently in the works at various studios. The script will revolve around a younger Vlad, showing him when he was much more vital. The new movie will also explore Vlad’s heroic roots in Romania’s subculture. He did fend off the Turks, after all.

Yeah why not? This could be good. I wasn’t a huge fan of I, Robot but the man who did “The Crow” could probably bring an interesting rendition of the whole Dracula mythos to the table. I’m looking forward to it.

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14 thoughts on “Alex Proyas To Direct Dracula Year Zero

  1. The script for Drac year 0 is amazing. It shows the origins of the Drac lore and wraps it up in a sweeping epic adventure as he defends transylvania from the invading turks. Can’t wait!

  2. John, I agree Dracula has always been a interesting character, and if there going to make a movie with the young Vlad the impaler Dracula then hopefully we will get to see a ton of people being impaled by Vlad which would fucking rock.

  3. There is some very popular Vampire fiction series that might be good movies. One series is based on a vampire huntress, which seems to be a mix of the erotic and vampires. I haven’t read the series yet, but they are on my “to do” list.

    Bring on the vampire movies!

  4. How about “Dracula Begins”… ;D

    By the way,

    I agree completely.

  5. Dark City is a great, great film.
    I Robot was okay I guess, but Proyas received the “Big Will – Treatment” on that one, so he can’t really be blamed for what was wrong with that movie.
    He is a very interesting director and I hope we see him working again anytime soon. On Dracula or whatever.
    But please, change the title, “Dracula Year Zero” sounds so fucking cheap and horrible I can’t even describe it.

  6. I knew of Alex Proyas when I was an Art director in advertising. His reel as a commercial director was amazing! When I heard he was going to move on to feature film projects, I was not surprised considering his talent and I was very pleased with the Crow. With Dark City, I thought he had surpassed his directorial debut and was going to be the next Ridley or even Fincher. Then he did I-Robot and I was totally bummed and disappointed! It was like his talent fell out the window never to be seen again! I don’t know what happened with I-Robot, but I do believe that Proyas has the talent to be something special and I hope he can bring something unique to Drac Year Zero…directorial vision I saw in his reel and his first two features…if that happens then Drac Zero has a chance…if not and I-Robot appears…well then Proyas, I think has most definitely lost his MOjo.

  7. I always thought that a movie about Vlad would be great(even though there have been a couple with some made in Romania). We need more movies with impalers. And John, there have been some great vampire movies since Lost Boys. There was Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, and the first 2 Blade movies.

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