Blogger’s Choice Awards

Hey there International Friends! Rodney here with a quick public service announcement that John didn’t authorize.

I thought I would do this for John. I am a contributor here, but really this is John’s site, and he just lets me play in his sandbox. All of us love the hard work he puts into this site every day, while the rest of us live vicariously through him, admiring the people he gets to meet and places he gets to go.

So I nominated John for Best Entertainment Blog at the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

Welcome to the Blogger’s Choice Awards! Here you’ll see which blogs are currently making an impact in the blogosphere. All of the blogs you see here are nominated, voted and commented on by users like yourself! Winners will be announced on November 10th at PostieCon in Las Vegas, NV.

Go to the Blogger’s Choice Awards page, and vote for John.

This site is also nominated for Best Blog about Stuff and Best Podcast for the Movie Blog Uncut and Live shows.

Don’t let Gio down. The current leader is only at 647 votes. You folks can crush that in one day!

Show your support and let the world know where your favourite Movie Blog is!

My site was nominated for Best Entertainment Blog!