Ron Howard To Direct Colossus

colossus.jpgFor those of of you who have always wanted Ron Howard to direct a movie about sentient super computers on the rampage – do I have news for you! We get the news and synopsis from variety:

Universal and Imagine Entertainment will remake the 1970 sci-fi saga “Colossus: The Forbin Project” as a potential directing vehicle for Ron Howard. Brian Grazer will produce. Jason Rothenberg has been set to write the screenplay for a pic to be called “Colossus.”

Based on a book by D.F. Jones, the original film was a forerunner of movies like “Terminator,” introducing the idea of a government-built computer that becomes sentient and then takes control.

I have yet to see the original, but I will try to find it before I see this remake. To be honest – I love stories about computers gone amok. From Terminator to Chopping Mall – out of control machines make for great movies.
Cold calculating machines think without emotion and we are surrounded by them; as they wait …for the perfect time to strike.

Today this movie may be better received than the 70’s. The idea of a supercomputer is not science fiction anymore and in an age where teams are working on making sentient machines; the rise of the machines and the fight for robot rights will only be a matter of time.

I love movies about robots that take over the earth; on some levels I welcome the idea. Humans have been so monstrous to each other throughout the history of the earth – perhaps what we need is a robot run world. I welcome the machines, and pray that one day In my old age – I am able to sign up for cybernetic testing.

6 thoughts on “Ron Howard To Direct Colossus

  1. I also have questions about the effectiveness of a remake of “Colossus: The Forbin Project.” It isn’t because the concept itself is outdated. The original film (which, by the way, is terrific) is in some ways about where our own fears might take us, and what we may have to give to achieve “security,” which are certainly relevant topics today. Its that the understated way that they went about telling the story added volumes to its chilling (in some ways as chilling as the orig. “Fail Safe”) finale.

    I give Howard loads of of credit for his talent. However, pulling off a remake that will be viewed as successful by many fans of the film (myself included) will require reproducing the mood the first film generated – and that is no mean feat. I wish them luck.

    One opinion…


  2. Colossus has been and possibly will always be my favorite movie without Star Wars in the title. I LOVE the original, and have such odd feelings about a remake… In a Hollywood where Prime has lips and Galactus is a cloud… Ugh.

  3. Marina,

    I looooove Terminator. But….

    In no way are these two the same. One computer, Colossus, is programmed to interact with humans and moniter the weapons systems. The computer makes some choices for humanity because he thinks we are not capable of NOT destroying ourselves and assumes control. The speeches written for the part the computer speak are chilling. Ask Alfie, he’ll agree.

  4. chopping mall -holy shit…i love that film…

    i remember seeing the poster at the video store when i was kid and i knew that i had to see it….so when it finally came out i begged my mum she got it out for me…and then she rented the film (little bit of oedipal inneuendo there).

    i went back to the store and asked the guy to put one of the posters aside for me and i still have it now…it still has my name on the back in pencil with my parents phone number…..

    great great film…….

  5. Doug,

    Awesome post. If any of you true movie fans have not seen this classic film, do yourself a huge favor and somehow see it. This film stands up very well today, I have sounds bites of this movie on my home computer. May it never be my master!

    Thank you Doug, I am looking forward to this remake.

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